From Cocoa Beans to Chocolate

By: Brianna Leon 3AS


Have you ever wondered were that delicious chocolate comes from. Well I have learned a lot about chocolate. Just read this article then you will know how chocolate is made


Chocolate begins with a cacao tree. First the farmers have to look for cacao pods. Pods are like the shells for the cacao beans. Then the farmers have to cut the pods in half. Next the farmers take the cacao beans out of the pods and put them in bags. Then the farmers ship the cacao beans to the factory.


At the factory the beans are put in to ovens and the beans are roasted in the oven and that brings out more of the cacao beans flavor. A type of machine that takes out all the liquid that the cacao beans have. Next another machine that grinds its nibs and they will become liquid chocolate. After all that stuff the liquid chocolate has to harden and then the people have to ship it to the store from ether trucker or ship.


After the factory it is at the store. The owner that owns the store has to put a serten price for the chocolate. After the owner puts a price the owner will have to put the chocolate in a serten place where the chocolate has to go. People have to buy the chocolate eat it or save the chocolate for later.

Interesting Facts

Here are some fun facts you might want to know. Did you know that cacao pods grow straight out of a cacao tree. Did you also know that cacao pods grow about the size of a football. Did you also know that people used to use cacao beans as money long ago.


Do you think it was fun learning about chocolate? Go to your store now to get some of this delicious treat.