A Visit from TRU

... in the St. Nick of Time.

We hope you'll find this end-of-year message fun (and motivating)! And scroll down for a 2016 calender of events.

‘Twas the day before Christmas. Throughout cyberspace,

Non-profits are running an end-of-year race.

Mailboxes are flooded of those who once cared,

With hope those saints’ nickels and dimes might be shared.

Artistic directors are popping their meds,

While visions of sugar daddies dance in their heads.

See, most politicians have no time for the arts

So funding’s now left to supporters with hearts.

With Christmas upon us, the fiscal year’s ending

And holes in our budgets are needing some mending.

We look at the shortfalls. Depressive or manic,

We start to reach out in a last-minute panic.

With letters and emails and deft multi-tasking,

Supporters and strangers can hear us all asking:

“Help actors, help dancers, help theater construction,

And please help yourself to one more tax deduction.

To wallet! To checkbook! To Paypal account!

Can you spare one more penny, or any amount?”

So many are worthy, but it causes such clatter,

Your mind starts to spin and your nerves start to shatter.

With so many companies contacting you

Might you take just a moment to think about TRU?

Have our programs and services been of much use?

Have we opened your eyes? Have we helped you produce?

Have we offered you chances to learn and to network,

Or sent out an email that helped you to get work?

Have we helped with referrals? Or answered your queries?

Have you been in, or been to, our TRU Voices Series?

While you’re lying in bed in your cozy wool flannels,

Do you think of the wisdom you heard at our panels?

If you showed your TRU Love as a gala supporter

You’ve helped us to have a successful fourth quarter.

If you gave in late summer to that swell Donor Drive,

You’ve already done wonders to help us to thrive.

And even just joining as a loyal TRU member

Is helping us make it through this grey December.

Though sent with a wink, we hope this reinforces

The help you can give us at Theater Resources:

Write us a check, sure; or just send a note

Telling us how we have helped. May we quote?

And if you’re inclined to spread holiday cheer,

Give a year-end donation by just clicking here:


As a final incentive, we'd like you to note:

If you give or renew, you'll get a free tote!

It's Christmas-y green, and it lets people know

You're helping to make our TRU gardens grow.

So once again wishing TRU holiday cheer -

Happy season to all, and we'll see you next year.

So what's coming up? Well, we'll give you a sense -

Here is the lineup of TRU's new year events:

• TRU Voices Musicals: Monday January 18th, Oswald - click here

• TRU Voices Musicals: Monday January 25th, Gumbo - click here

• Monthly panel: Tuesday January 26th, "The Care and Feeding of the Newborn Play" - click here

• Boot Camp: Saturday January 30th, Mediation Techniques - click here

• TRU Voices Musicals: Monday February 1st, To Dance - click here

• Boot Camp: Saturday February 6th, Raising Money for Theater - click here

Resolve to be more active in TRU in 2016!

Put our upcoming events on your calendar now. Reserve for the panel or the TRU Voices musicals by phoning 212-714-7628, or email TRUStaff1@gmail.com

Pay in advance for the panel at the TRU Store (the musical readings are free, but you must reserve).

To sign up for our Mediation or Raising Money Boot Camps, click the appropriate link in the calendar above, go to our web page and follow the instructions.