Testing on animals?

What is animal testing?

Tested on animals.These three words seen on a product label mean it is safe for humans, but do you know what that testing has done to the animals? What is the first thing that you think of when people say testing on animals? You may think of killing animals, but not all animal tests are harmful to animals. The first documented scientific experiments on animals began in 1922. The controversy on using animals in scientific experiments began at the same time. Animal are used in tests ranging from medical research, product safety research, behavior studies, The products are vaccines for animals and humans. This also helps find more science and technology that could help in the near future.

Testing the product.

  • Helps test vaccines for animals. Scientist have found cures for influenza and the swine flue.
  • It helped find a cure for blood clots. Dr. Ben Wedro invented a cure that was tested on animals.
  • Only health products should be tested on animals, Not makeup. In Europe testing makeup on animals is not allowed!!

Helping other animals

  • By testing on animals sciencetist have found more information that helps with vaccines.
  • Many animals die each year of diseases that sciencetist cant treat. This way we can help.
  • have saved at lease 300 animal lives per year because of new technology.

Animal population

Always has a stable amount of animals.

Watches out for extinction. When an animal is going extinct they will not test on that animal.

Pick certain animals before testing. Make sure there is a good population of the animal.