TUSD Robotics

2017-2018 Season: Issue 7

January 29, 2018

Elementary VEX IQ Tournament was a Huge Success!

On Saturday, January 27th, forty-seven teams from twelve elementary schools in TUSD competed in our only official VEX IQ tournament of the season. Students have been building, innovating, and programming robots since September and their hard work was evident on the game field. The coaches raised the bar this year guiding students through the documentation of the engineering design process in notebooks and facilitating teams to complete STEM Research projects. We are so fortunate to have such dedicated teachers who have taken on the role of robotics coaches to provide this amazing opportunity for our students. Special thanks to these outstanding coaches:

Laura Johnston, Arroyo Elementary

Jason Chewing and Ally Hoehl, Benson Elementary

Jen Sandland, Estock Elementary

Melody Cooperrider and Katy Baxter, Hicks Canyon Elementary

Megan Donavan, Ladera Elementary

Josh Helpern, Loma Vista Elementary

Steve Bruce, Myford Elementary

Nancy Chung and Liz Root, Orchard Hills

Tiffiny McMillan, Peters Canyon Elementary

Vivian Chang, Teri Sharp, and Robin Billings, Red Hills Elementary

Debbie Mulligan and Devra Staller, Tustin Memorial Academy

Jennifer Quinn and Joanna Blaney, Tustin Ranch Elementary

The Pit Area

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The Competition Area

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The Awards

Congratulations to all the teams for successfully competing in an official VEX IQ tournament. The teams who took home the awards were:

Tournament Champions- Tustin Memorial Teams A and C

Design Award- Ladera Team A

STEM Research Project Award- Tustin Memorial Team D

Judges Award- Arroyo Team A

Robot Skills Award- Orchard Hills Team A

Excellence Award- Orchard Hills Team A

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Top 10 Robot Skills Standings

This is a separate part of the competition where teams compete individually with one minute of driving and one minute of programming to score the most number of points.

Rank 1- Orchard Hills Team A= Score 75 points

Rank 2- Arroyo Team A = 67 points

Rank 3- Arroyo Team B = 51 points

Rank 4- Arroyo Team C = 51 points

Rank 5- Tustin Ranch Team A = 50 points

Rank 6- Tustin Memorial Team A = 50 points

Rank 7- Tustin Ranch Team D = 45 points

Rank 8- Tustin Ranch Team B = 41 points

Rank 9- Tustin Ranch Team C = 40 points

Rank 10- Orchard Hills Team W = 39 points

Top 10 after Qualification Matches

Each team participated in the teamwork challenge and aligned from teams from various schools. The scores are added together for a total number of points. Each of the teams below moved on to the finals for one last match! After five qualification matches, the standings were:

Rank 1- Arroyo Team A = 264 points

Rank 2- Orchard Hills Team Z= 205 points

Rank 3- Arroyo Team B = 197 points

Rank 4- Loma Vista Team C = 195 points

Rank 5- Arroyo Team C = 193 points

Rank 6- Tustin Ranch Team D= 192 points

Rank 7- Peters Canyon Team A = 178 points

Rank 8- Myford Team B = 172 points

Rank 9- Tustin Memorial Team A = 166 points

Rank 10- Tustin Memorial Team C = 160 points

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