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St. Paul School-Kevin Brever, Principal-September 4, 2015

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Inspirational Quote

"I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught."

--Winston Churchill (1974-1965) - Widely regarded as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 20th century, Churchill was an officer in the British Army, a historian, a writer, an artist, and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955.

From Desk of the Principal
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St. Paul School News
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From the Classrooms
  • Art Classes
  • Music Classes
  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
From the PTO
  • 8th Grade Mixer - 9/12/15
  • New PTO Officers for 2015-2016
  • We are in need of bingo volunteers

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Prayer for Students

Father of Light and Wisdom,

Thank you for giving us

A mind that can know

And a heart that can love.

Help us to keep learning every day of our life—

No matter what the subject may be.

Let us be convinced that all knowledge leads to you

And let us know how to find you and love you

In all things you have made.

Encourage us when the studies are difficult

And when we are tempted to give up

Enlighten us when our brain is slow

And help us to grasp the truth held out to us.

Grant us the grace to put our knowledge to use

In building the kingdom of God on earth

So that we may enter the kingdom of God in heaven



Parents and students, if you have not yet done so, be sure to complete your forms ASAP. Just click on the links for each one:

Acceptable Use Policies and Agreements

The Archdiocese of Louisville requires us to have on file a signed Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for all of our students and their parents/guardians. Without these signed documents, we will not be able to allow your child the privilege of using the internet, computers and tablets at school. Forms must be signed by parents AND by students. Click this link for Acceptable Use Policies and Agreements Form.

Photo/Video/Website Release Form

This form gives us permission to use a child's (children’s) name(s), photograph(s), and/or videotaped image(s) in publications, video productions, and/or St. Paul's website. (Names are never printed with pictures on the website.)

Click this link for the Photo/Video/Website Release Form.

Middle School Laptop Agreement

Middle school parents and students must complete this form saying they understand the policies set forth for our one-to-one computer program in grades 6-8. Click this link for the Middle School Laptop Agreement Form.

St. Paul School News Video

This is the first of our weekly news videos, and was prepared, written, reported, filmed and edited by members of our 8th grade class. Enjoy!
My Movie

From the Classrooms

Art Classes

In Art class, we are learning to recognize the Elements of Art: Line, Color, Shape, Space, Texture, Value, and Form (3-D).

Kindergarten's was a paper sculpture using strips of paper in the primary colors; red, blue, and yellow. The strips represent line which is an element of art. They created shapes with the strips of paper. The project is a sculpture which shows form.
3rd Grade: Warm and Cool color Peacocks. The feathers are a combination of warm (red, orange, and yellow) and cool (blue, purple, and green) colors, The head and body were made of their hand print and the feathers and eyes were cut from colored paper they made. This shows shape. The feathers show texture. Line is present but not as pronounced.

6th grade just completed a Public Service announcement getting the message about how bullying is painful, won't be tolerated, and a real shame. Their posters are hanging in the school hallways. This was in collaboration with Mr. Zimmerman's lesson on The Holocaust and how it relates to bullying today.

Music Classes

  • 1st Grade - have been learning that there are strong and weak beats in music. The steady beat is very different than rhythm in music.
  • 4th Grade - have been learning sixteenth note rhythms. They created art pieces and shared their favorite song that to relates to their personality.
  • 7th Grade - have been learning the music culture of Latin America. Merengue, Salsa, and Samba music. They created their own drums out of coffee cans or gallon buckets on which they performed Latin rhythms in class.

1st Grade

First Grade is off to a great start and we are looking forward to a wonderful year!
  • In Math we are working with numbers 0-5. We are working with the number, number word and soon the ordinals.
  • In Religion we have been learning about how God loves us and how we can show him we love him back.
  • In Reading we have been sounding out words and getting ready to start centers soon. We also read with our 4th grade reading buddies every Friday.

2nd Grade

The 2nd Grade has been busy reviewing Reading Strategies and Letter Sounds before we begin our new reading series next week.

  • Reading - Friends Helping Friends along with visualizing and finding key details.
  • Spelling - Short a and i
  • English - Statement and Questions; Plural Nouns
  • Science - Plants
  • Social Studies - Being a Good Citizen
  • Religion - God's Blessings and Creation
  • Math - Addition and Subtraction Concepts to 20

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From the PTO

8th Grade Mixer - 9/12/15

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New PTO Officers for 2015-2016

PRESIDENT: Stephanie Gayheart (502-379-0323)

VICE-PRESIDENT: Michelle Huber

TREASURER: Becky Baird

SECRETARY: Melissa Logsdon

We are in need of bingo volunteers. For information on how you can help, please call Stephanie Gayheart (502)379-0323

Community Happenings

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Events at Local Branches of the Louisville Public Library

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