Miss Harmon's Fourth Grade News

September 16, 2015

This Week:

This week we've completed Module 1 in math. We've worked diligently on multi-digit addition and subtraction, with numbers up to the one millions place. Students have compared and ordered numbers as well. We've practiced rounding numbers to given places and have tackled multi-step story problems. On Thursday, we reviewed the unit and the module assessment was taken today. Any students needing extra review afterwards will continue to work on these standards during our RTI (Response to Intervention) time in the mornings.

We have been working on narrative pieces, trying to collect as many as possible before choosing one to publish. We have also read several published narrative pieces from authors like Patricia Pollaco.

On Friday, we learned about the history of the U.S. Constitution and its preamble.


A school fundraiser was sent home on Wednesday of this week. We appreciate your help in this effort. Please encourage students to use safe practices when selling items. Sell to people you know and not strangers.

STAR 360 Testing

Students took both the math and reading STAR 360 tests this week. These scores are very helpful when setting goals for students. I will discuss your students score with them and set a goal for both reading and math. I will also send home their scores, along with ways you can help them. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about your child's score.

Next Week:

  • Math: Measurement-adding and subtracting metric units
  • Reading: Narratives- Cultural Tales
  • Writing: Memoirs- continue collecting memoirs
  • Science: Mixture and Solutions
  • Social Studies: Geography


September 30 at 7:30am: Grand-Friends Breakfast

September 27: Fundraiser Due

September 28: Fall Pictures

Fall Basket

The theme for our class's fall festival basket is Winter Fun Pack. These baskets will be auctioned off at the KT Fall Festival, Thursday October 20th. I will provide the basket. I am asking for donations of wintertime items such as, gloves, hot cocoa, family game, books, candles, etc. Many of these items can be purchased at the dollar store. Students may begin bringing in donations at any time. I will also be sending home a flyer addressing the fall basket, with this same information on it, next week.