Welcome to the official project launch

It's what you've all been waiting for

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By 2030, empower and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, or economic or other status.

The goal - Shaping what we do around what the United States of America needs

For too long, we've remained passive about the mission of Global Citizen and AIESEC within our country. We act as though our efforts don't really matter; we operate to recruit people, send them abroad, gain membership numbers, and increase our 'operational' capacity on the local level. All the while not stopping to ask, is there something more? Are we really providing the experiences that will change our nation for the better? Are we really developing a community of LEADERS with the tools to TRANSFORM our nation's mindset?

These are the thoughts that have preoccupied me this entire term. So now it is with incredible pride that I have the pleasure to announce that AIESEC United States is finally taking a stand around these issues, crafting a project that will make a tangible impact in our communities and allow us to reach a larger audience of students then we ever have before.

Everything revolves around SDG #10, Reducing Inequalities. Because isn't that what all of us want for this country in some way or another? This summer, our goal is to send over 1,000 students on Outgoing Global Citizen exchanges to 10 different countries abroad. We are packaging and implementing a brand new EP Lead and Co-Delivery framework that will take our exchanges and partnerships to the next level. We are building partnerships that will increase our impact across the country. For once, we are choosing to put the development of our members and stakeholders, and the pursuit of our mission over everything else.

Are you ready for this? You are. Read on.

The Countries

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Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, India, Indonesia, China, Poland, Morocco

We have carefully picked these country partners based on a combination of exchange history, TN supply, and market demand.

The IR

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You can check all of the details of the country cooperations at the link below. We have focus LCs, focus projects, approximate raising timeline, realization dates, and OP links specifically ready for US EPs

How it works

This is the only national project that we are running this summer. That means that 100% of our national efforts should be focused on making it a huge success. As a Local Committee, you have the chance to customize this project to your local reality and focus down on the countries/ issues/ locations that you really want to partner with this summer. You can choose from 1-4 country/ LC partners to work with this summer for this peak. Please fill out the super quick survey below to list your IR partnership preference.

(Completing this form will give you MC / NST support that will help you standardize your international cooperations, marketing focuses, and co-delivery standards)

**Many IR projects from last summer and winter will still be running and available on OP, however this is the project that will receive the majority of the marketing and delivery focus for the peak

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Awesome Perks

As a part of this project, we are including the following,

  • Country specific OPS/IPS/RIS alignment, expectation setting, and co-delivery
  • Streamlined MC-MC matching initiatives
  • A specialized EP E-Learning customer journey, customized to align with the United Nations SDGs and SDG #10
  • A national program manager responsible for co-delivery, EP Lead framework implementation, plus matching, LC-LC cooperation, and quality control support

Speaking of Project Managers...

We are hiring! Specifically recruiting for a program manager per country. As a part of this program you have the chance to enhance your AIESEC experience, interact with 100+ EPs, and go on a sponsored AIESEC exchange.

You can check out the JD here:


And apply to the positions here:

(Applications due February 10th)


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More to come!

Because we are working to make this project as dope as possible, we are still finalizing some branding and partnerships elements of the whole thing. Stay tuned the rest of this week to see the exciting new updates that will come out!!

(Hint: website, logos, promotional materials, awesome sponsors, killer partners, country specific value propositions, etc..)

You can expect the website and media kit on Thursday!

Got Questions?

We've got answers. Feel free to reach out to Miranda & Rachel over the next few days if you'd like to go over the projects in more detail! For now, check out the IR document and fill out the IR Allocations Survey to get your next steps of this process <3