Mrs. Hallford's Learners

January 28th, 2016

Important Dates and News

Jan. 29th - Mr. Matt from Pike Road Library will visit our class

Two special Mystery Readers will visit

Feb. 5th - Group Pictures (new date)

Feb. 12th - Cookie Dough Fundraiser ends

Feb. 12th - Valentine's Day Party for Mrs. Hallford's Class 2:00 to 2:45

Feb. 15th - No school for students: Professional Development Day

Feb. 22nd - Field to the Let's Pretend Hospital

Mar. 21st - Mar. 25th - Spring Break: no school

April 20th - Community 1's field trip to Lanark (unlimited chaperones - no younger siblings)

May 26th - Last Day for Students

Important Information

*Please be sure to write your child's name in all jackets and sweatshirts.

*Send a healthy snack/drink with your child daily.

*Remember to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child.

*There is an app called "X-tra Math" that allows your child to practice math facts on their

level and will not allow them to move forward until they are ready.

*Help! We need the following items for our class: lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, staples, items

to help us create an octopus and a dolphin (for our Ocean study - the children have been

working on creating seahorses and are deciding how we should make an octopus and dolphin).

We Have Study Buddies From Mrs. Eller's Class - C3

It has been fun getting to know Mrs. Eller's learners from Community 3. They come visit us to help with Reading, Journal Writing, and Math skills. It is always an exciting time filled with laughter and learning!

Sharing Some of Our Learning!

What we are learning....

Reading - Long vowel sounds, r-controlled vowels, increasing fluency on or above grade-level text

Language - Printing letters, pronouns, identifying and using verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, and using capitalization, commas and ending punctuation correctly

Math - Two-Digit addition, Subtraction, and Time/Measurement, understanding Place Value, and counting to 120 starting at any number

Shared Journal/Shared Reading - Proper and common nouns, capitalization, punctuation,

and commas

Theme- The Ocean - We have studied and created our Seahorses. We are beginning to research and study about the Octopus/Squid as well as creating our Ocean Fact Books.

Fresh Grade Reports

You received an update on Jan. 21 on FreshGrade reports. It contains the Focus objectives and will be updated regularly. Your child will have many opportunities to review previous objectives as we continue learning new ones.

A Visit From An Author

Margaret Lowder visited Community One and shared her book, Amos the Dog with the children. She also brought her dog, Amos to visit with the children. A flyer came home if you like to purchase her book. She generously donated a signed copy to our class library. Many thanks to Mrs. Dean for scheduling this special visit!
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