My Ideal World

Blocking out injustice

What would I change?

In order to create my ideal world, I would change and get rid of all the injustices of the world. There would be resources available for everyone, and all people would appreciate creation and each other. The world would be filled with equality, true freedom, good water and air, good health, and kind-hearted people.

what would i keep?

This ideal world would still have its diversity, including cultures and religions. This would be important because it is what makes people unique.

What would not be included?

There would be no violence or crimes, suffering, cruelty/abuse (animals, humans, and the environment), war, passports, or poverty. There would be no difference between the rich and the poor because everyone would be equal. Also, money would be a big issue. It can bring out the worst in people because they put a price on individuals and can become greedy. I understand that it would be difficult to lessen or get rid of money but I believe that with participation, it would truly help eliminate all the crime and violence in the world.


It will take a lot of work to change all these things. There will probably be people who refuse to do these things but hopefully as long as more people are aware of the bad things in the world, they will start deciding to make a change.


Everyone would need to be involved and do their part.

What needs to exist for the world to stay "ideal"?

Equality and collaboration by everyone. In order to make this change, everyone needs to appreciate the beauty of the world and they all need to know that every single person is responsible to take care of it.