1. Mystery

A type of fiction with a detective or professional trying to solve a crime

2. Adventure

time with action.Its main idea is to find a person or treasure and its setting in a exotic place most

3. Science Fition

he books involve science and technology and with a futuristic setting

4. Fantasy

a book that mostly contains stuff like magic or powers with a creative magically setting.

6. Humor

humor is something that is funny or makes someone laugh.

7. Biograghy

A biography is the story of someone’s life written by someone else.

8. Autobiograghy

A autobiography is when a person writes about there own life.

9. Historical Fiction

when something happens in the past and u talk about it in the present.

10. Realistic Fiction

Part of real history but in that's persons words by using facts and information

11. Thriller

Something to make you scared or afraid its supposed to have a dark spooky setting

12. Romance

Romance or also known for a love story witch may include drama or emotionally sad with a peaceful setting