Sept. 17, 2014 ERPD

Lakeshore Middle School

Welcome and Celebrations

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  • Only 5 students need to complete the MacBook Deployment session to receive their computers. Next training session will be Friday Sept. 19 during WAVE. Parents need to contact Mr. Lynch to set up a time for makeup sessions.
  • Please read and use the LMS MacBook Issues and Resolutions Spreadsheet to document all MacBook issues and find resolutions to known issues.

Learning Targets

  • I can articulate the impact of teaching writing on students’ literacy.

  • I can use writing frames to model the types of texts in my grade level or content area.

  • I can locate resources for writing for my content area that are aligned to the Curriculum Guide (1st Quarter).

  • I can successfully log in to Open Class.

  • I can navigate the menu in Open Class.

  • I can upload a document in Open Class.

  • I can explore informational resources about how to use Open Class.

504 Plan - Information Session

This training will focus on

  • Eligibility
  • Differences between 504 and IEP
  • Accommodations
  • Your role and responsibilities

LMS Slogan

Today's the day! We need great ideas for our slogan so we can begin the year on a very optimistic and positive note.

Open Class

  • The Open Class presentation and the QuickTime tutorial video are located in the Google Drive Resources Folder if you would like to look at them after today's ERPD.
  • Open Class is a district requirement that we will slowly integrate throughout this year. We will also receive training on Open Class during future ERPD sessions.
  • Mr. Lynch will utilize Open Class during our weekly PLC time with BLC/IF, to introduce to staff the possibilities of using Open Class with our students.
  • Teachers should have access to the courses.
  • Students DO NOT yet have access to their courses. They have been sent a "Welcome" email, but have not been given an Activation Link. We will be notifies before that is sent.
  • Teachers have time to EXPLORE Open Class before students are given access.

Writing Frames

Write to Read (write to understand and remember)

  • A district focus for this upcoming school year is the unsung impact that writing has on student achievement.
  • What does the research say?
  • What is Effect size?
  • Do you know? (We are not all stats experts, lets break it down)
  • Which writing activity do you think has the most powerful impact on the outcomes of learning and student retention of new concepts?
  • Bloom's Taxonomy web resource LINK.
  • Effect Size article.

The NEW CWT instrument

Each Year the CWT instrument is reviewed, feedback gathered and changes made, much like your PDSA with you students. In an attempt to gather accurate, useful data, aligned with new initiatives, technology and district improvements the CWT is updated to reflect the vision and mission of I-SS. We will briefly look at those changes and the matching definitions (descriptors) so that we can have meaningful discussions when we meet as PLC teams to set our goals for each quarter.

Watch this introduction video to SAMR.

Web link for SAMR resources.

Activities - Station Rotation

1. Steytler - PDSA, Math resources, Interventions

2. Lynch - Open class practice

3. Wilbur - PDP's


Please complete the ERPD Feedback survey before you leave today. Let us know what was helpful so we can continue strategies that work, and what we can do to improve the quality of your future ERPD sessions. Thank you all for your time and your effort today and everyday!

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