Night Of The Twisters

By: Ivy Ruckman


The whole story is about Dan, Arther, Stacy, Mr. Hatch, Mrs. Hatch , and Miss. Smiley. Ryan's town got hit by seven tornados, the two tornados went to the Hatches house and destroyed the place. It was scary because Arther has never seen a tornado before and they had no parents home. Miss. smiley was sleeping on the couch and didn't wake up during the tornado. Dan, Stacey and Arthur were in the police car with Officer Kelly, the tornado hit the windshield and the glass flew on Officer Kelly and hurt him, so Dan drove to the police station. Dan, Arthur and Stacy go into the women's jail so they could rest in the cell. Dan tried looking for his family, he was alone and scared. Dan was running to find his dad, and he eventually found him by a car at K-Mart.

Main Characters

Dan hatch, Ryan hatch, Mr. Hatch, Mrs. Hatch, Stacy, Ronny Bay and Miss, Smiley.


Dan Hatch is in two crazy tornados, he survives both. Everyone in his family survives. Miss. Smiley dies because of a heart attack.

Fun Facts

1. A tornado is made for a cloud and air

2. A tornado is big

3. A tornado spins counter clockwise


The setting of the story is everywhere. Kmart, the police station, and Miss. Smiley's house, Dan hatch was scared that he would lose his family because of the tornado. The road, sand crane drive, Fonda highway are also settings in the story.
Tornado Song (It Gets Better)
Great Song For Tornados Get it Now!!!!!

A very great song but also very sad.

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Tornadoes in Kansas

Monday, Nov. 10th, 9pm

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Topeka, KS

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I hoped you enjoyed my smore(: