• State flower is the Sego Lily

  • State bird is the American Seagull

  • State tree is the Blue Spruce

  • State song is Utah, We Love Thee

  • State nickname is the Beehive State

  • The state motto is Industry

  • The state date is January 4, 1896

  • It is the 45 state

  • The Great Salt Lake is saltier then the ocean so fish can not live in it.

  • Utah is part of the four corners.

  • state rock coal

  • state insect honeybee

  • state gem topaz

  • state grass Indian rice grass

  • state mineral copper

  • state fossil

Biggest City ​ and Its Population​

  • Biggest city: Salt Lake City

  • Population;186,440

  • The smallest city in Utah: Scofield with about 24 people

Farm products are .......

cattle, sheep, hogs, chickens, hay, corn, wheat, barley, apples, potatoes, cherries , onions, peaches, and pears.
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Kings Peak

Kings Peak is about 13,750 feet tall. It grew 11,222 more feet tall. So that would be about 24,750 taller. It is the 7th largest mountain in Utah.

Fun Facts

the salt lake river covers 2,000 miles. Utah comes from the tribe named Ute.

Three of the rivers, first the Colorado river goes for 1,450 miles.

Second the Green river runs for about 730 miles. Last the Sevier river runs for about 279 miles.

Arches National Park has a nature made arch that is the longest in the World!! They have about 5 national parks and about 6 national monuments. They have 40 different state parks/forests.

The climate of Utah.

The climate of Utah in the spring can be very weird, at one second is could be a storm the next second it could be very hot. In the summer it is hot at night and hot in the day. The winter in Utah is a little bit colder but about the same.
  • Spanish explorer Juan Maria de Rivera arrives in Utah​ in 1765

Jim Bridger sees the Great Salt Lake they say he was the first European to see the Great Salt Lake.

More Facts

in big sandstone walls it has thousands of fossil's.In Utah's drier land cacti mesquite and sagebrush are common here . Normans planted crops in great soil by salt lake valley. then they built homes, schools, and churches. they irrigated water from nearby river. Utah is struggling to keep wildlife. Some types of animals in Utah are nearly instinked.
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The facts below is the economy of Utah

Immigrants came to Utah Then the population grew larger.


Reed Smoot served as Utah's first senator.