Come on down and buy a FruitPhone!

With a name like Fruit, it has to be berry good

Our shop sells the best phone's in town!

The FruitPhone is a holographic smart phone that is lightweight and easy to use. This makes it easier to see the screen. You can use it without even holding it. It has retina scanning technology. You can use the retina scanner to unlock your phone.
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Where's it located?

Enterprise, AL. We chose Enterprise because it's our hometown.

Recommended for ages

The FruitPhone varies for many different ages. anyone older than 10 years old can operate the FruitPhone easily (even your grandparents can operate it)

Company hours

Monday - 6:00

Tuesday - 6:00

Wednesday - 6:00

Thursday - 6:00

Friday - 7:00

Saturday - 9:00

Sunday - Closed

*closes everyday @ 7:00

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