Room 604 News

February 16-19, 2016


We will have a fun afternoon going back in time to the colonial era this Thursday. The students will do three different activities as they rotate to three different teachers. With me, they will make/shake butter, have cheese, beef jerky, and crackers. Mrs. McCarthy will be dipping candles, and Mrs. Manaktala will be playing Colonial games.

Students with food allergies can bring a snack from home, of course.

I would love to have two parent volunteers from 1-3 on Thursday. Please email me if your able to come in and help out.

Language Arts

We will be reading from our district provided ACT book over the next few weeks. Students are exposed to close reading and question stems that are aligned with the Smarter Balance Test. We will be mirroring the social studies text and reading about the French and Indian War, and Thomas Jefferson writing the Declaration of Independence. I will be doing this with the students to model and hopefully improve their responses. Students need to focus on questions and be sure they are answering all parts of the question using complete sentences.

Students will be working on a spelling list this week with choice activities.

We will begin reading another whole group novel called, Woods Runner. This is a historical fiction novel about the American Revolution. It is not a "fun filled" story, as war is not pleasant. I think it is a realistic picture of Patriots and Loyalists fighting for their leaders, and trying to find a place to fit in when families, neighbors and countries don't see eye to eye.


Students are working on operations with decimals. They have added and subtracted, and have been making sense of multiplying and dividing, but only using multiples the base ten system. We have been working on understanding the a decimal increases when it is multiplied, and decreases when divided.

By the weeks end, students will be doing multi-digit multiplication with two decimals. They should be able to prove the movement of the decimal makes sense if it is in the factor/s and the product.


We have successfully finished the most challenging curriculum of the year. Next, we will learn about cells (plant and animal), plant structures, transport systems, and photosynthesis.

Social Studies

We finished reading our current chapter. We will be doing a little more work on the Declaration of Independence, and I would love to watch the movie, National Treasure, on Friday. The movie is PG, so I will be sending home parent permission slips. Feel free to do some research, if you choose, but I have shown it every year and find it 10 year old appropriate.

We will take the chapter test on Friday as well.