What I Learned at Straight Camp

Learn What Happens at Gay-to-Straight Camps (It's not pretty)

Ted Cox garnered international media attention for telling the world what really goes on in Christian gay-to-straight conversion programs, and routinely presents to packed audiences. He even interviewed at Salt Lake's own City Weekly, here. Did I mention this event is free?

A taste of Ted Cox's reporting on his experiences
"I don’t remember exactly when I felt his erection pressing into my back. It might have been while he whispered in my ear, “Long ago, you were the Golden Child. But, somehow, that Golden Child was hurt, and you put up a wall to protect yourself.” Or it might have been when other men in the room broke out in song[...]" (Read Cox's landmark story on Alternet.)

Can the written word capture the same charisma and interactivity? Of course not. So what can you expect when you attend this free event?

What you can expect
Fox interviewer: "You're calling it, you know, 'What I learned at straight camp' [..] Can you give us more details?"
Cox: "There's going to be music, there's going to be videos, there's going to be singing, and there's also going to be a live demonstration of holding and touching therapy"

See one of Ted Cox's many media appearances in the video attached at the bottom. And right below the abstract is a photo snapped by Kyle Ray, VP of SHIFT, at the SSA Conference, of a live demonstration of one of the many kinds of "therapy" used in these harmful conversion programs.

Straight writer Ted Cox went undercover in gay-to-straight conversion programs, including weekly support ministries, conferences, and a weekend retreat where he received "healing touch therapy." Cox's reporting on this topic grabbed the attention of NPR, Fox News Radio, The Huffington Post, and Perez Hilton. This NSFW presentation about Cox's experiences includes videos, music, and audience participation. His personal website can be found at iheartcox.com.
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What I Learned at Straight Camp

Saturday, Feb. 23rd 2013 at 4-5:30pm

Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building Rm 1110 (1768 Campus Center Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84112)

Secular Humanism, Inquiry and Freethought

SHIFT is organizing this event and is the main sponsor. As a group of students of the University of Utah, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, SHIFT affirms that it IS possible to be good without belief in a god!

We form a student body of free-thinking individuals who encourage academic honesty, personal integrity, compassionate service, and coexistence with all human beings.

We currently meet every other Monday at 5, plus occasional special events such as this. Find us on Facebook at fb.com/groups/shiftuofu or sign up for our newsletter at eepurl.com/rNvUX
Writer Ted Cox discusses his undercover work in gay-to-straight programs