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In the Middle of It: Dreamers by the Day

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I heard the quote above a few weeks ago in church. It struck a chord, so I immediately pulled out my phone, did a quick search, and made a quick note. I really liked the idea stated in this quote, but I honestly hadn’t given it much thought again until this week.

I had someone ask me recently what my biggest pet peeve was in my job. He asked, “What is the one thing that bothers you more then anything else?” It did not take me long to reply, “My biggest pet peeve is listening to people complaining about time.”

Time is a struggle for us all. Busy schedules rule our lives. Regardless of how you divide it, there just does not seem to be enough time in the day to make it all happen. I am writing this post during one of those weeks. This is a week, as I am sure most of you can sympathize, where I could use a few more hours in a day to fit it all in, to make it all work. But, time is constant, we all have the same 24 hour day and we always find time to do what really matters to us.

I think one of the reasons the “time complaint” bothers me, is because when I hear people say, “I don’t have time to do _____.” I can’t help but really feel they are saying, “I don’t find _____ enough of a priority to make it happen” or “I don’t care enough about ____ to make it happen.” And to be honest, there is nothing wrong with that. We cannot do everything, but we do always seem to create the space to do the things we find most important. We need to find a way to do what really matters, but to not use time as an excuse for things that don’t fit. Things don’t fit because we rank them based on our priorities, and if they were more important to us, that would lead to there being time to do them-- while at the same time, knocking something with lower priority off the list.

This conversation about time made me realize why I immediately identified with this quote when I heard it. I truly feel we all have dreams of what we want to accomplish until it comes to dedicating the time and doing the things that achieving those dreams requires. No matter what we say, we just don’t want most things that much. We want our dreams to come to us, rather then relentlessly chasing after them.

So, my challenge to you in the upcoming week is to make a list of your dreams- What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to chase? And what are your priorities for your life? Then really analyze where you are dedicating your time. Ask yourself the tough honest question: Do the places I am investing my time align to my dreams and vision for my life and my perceived priorities? Hopefully the answer is yes.

If not, you just “dream by night.” If you fully want to achieve your dreams, you must find a way to be the “dreamers of the day.”

If you really want to take this challenge to the next level, fill out this Time Log for one week. Take some time to track each hour and find out where you are investing most of your time. I have done this before and I was amazed how much time was wasted. I was spending a great deal of time on things that did not matter to me and then complaining about not having enough time for what I thought was important. Obviously, my priorities were not what I truly thought they were at the time. I know this task is time consuming and cumbersome, but it was an eye-opening experience for me.

Keep learning; keep growing; keep sharing!

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What it takes to #BeACardinal

  • Thank you to everyone who participated in the Homecoming Spirit Week. The kids love when you get involved!
  • Thank you to Sam Hanley and Stacey Matlock for their tireless efforts to organize the Homecoming festivities and the parade.
  • Thank you to our Powder Puff coaches for working with the girls and a special congratulations to David Luers, whose senior team brought home victory on Thursday night.
  • Thank you to Dave Copeland and Katherine Doty for putting on great music concerts this week! We have some talented young men and women in our music department.

Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 8 Grateful Friday Challenge:

Hello Happy Homecoming Friday! You are finally here and we will celebrate your existence with the largest homecoming parade in the state of indiana! 1.7 miles, Boomer, Corvettes, Floats, mobs of people, unsupervised children, and endless amounts of sugar...what else could you ask for.

To prepare for this awesome event, let’s spend today showing our kindness. Today's #SHSGFC is simple -- BE KIND -- it's not always easy, but it's always important. Perform a random act of kindness today: write a thank you note, share a favorite quote with a colleague and why it means a great deal to you, give someone a compliment, write a poem about someone that usually doesn't get poems written about them, give out a handmade award to a colleague, tell each class period why they are great, or whatever you think will show kindness and make someone's day! (my kids helped me come up with the examples)

Go Cards! Be KIND!

Inspiration and Motivation for the Week

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

It's a Twitter Thing

Here is my favorite tweet of the week.
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180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

I am excited to start another year of learning. I look forward to sharing daily stories of learning at Southport High on our new 180 Days of Cardinal Learning Blog.

Chris Sponsler

After a few weeks of their first year in German, Mr. Sponsler and his students took some time to review some basic concepts today. Students had six different review stations they moved through during the class today. Each station had a specific tasks related to translate basics aspects of a new language such as: numbers, months, holidays, weather, and locations. Each station was designed to not only review the information, but engage students in German conversation with each other.

Clint Frank

Southport High School students and athletes are fortunate to be able to participate in weights class during the school day. They are even more fortunate to have an amazing strength and conditioning coach like Coach Frank. Today, during last block, athletes from Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball and Baseball teams participated in a weights class with Coach Frank. Coach Frank sets up a work out each day to push the student athletes to the best of the ability and prepare them for the upcoming season. He is always moving, always motivating, and always teaching during the students time in the weight room.

Master Teachers

Teachers are learners too! Each Wednesday, teachers take part in professional development run by the SHS master teachers. Mrs. Battinau, Mr. Davis, Ms. Schick, and Mrs. Young all lead a small group of teachers through focused professional development designed to improve our teaching and learning practices. This week, teachers worked through their year long "Genius Project." Teachers were challenged to find an innovative project this year that would help stretch them instructionally and meet a specific student need they see in their classroom. Today, teachers finalized their project ideas and set up a tentative timeline for implementation. Teachers will revisit this project once a month in our weekly PD.

Jorie DePalma

During IPass today, Mrs. Depalma, SHS Social Worker arranged for two representatives from Adult and Child's neighborhood program will be at SHS to meet with our EL students. The purpose of the meeting was to educate the students about Adult and Child's community based program and about a support group that they're offering to SHS students. ​The, "Cultural Adjustment Support Group", will provide a safe place for students who have unique challenges due to immigration/refugee status to receive support, learn new skills to manage stress, and gain additional coping skills to navigate living in a bi-cultural environment! The group will meet during IPass starting on October 3rd for 10 sessions. This is a free service provided for SHS students by Adult and Child.

Brandon Winters

Coach Winters and the members of the SHS football team visited Jeremiah Gray Elementary this morning. The players took part in school wide activities while in the building. They visited every classroom in every grade level while at Jeremiah Gray. This visit was a great way for our players to be a positive role model and show our elementary students what it means to be a Cardinal! Go Cards!

Educational Humor

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