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Week of December 7th

Cline's Corner

Ah Ha Moments.....

As I spend time in classrooms and team meetings I find satisfaction in seeing those "Ah Ha" moments. While observing in Nick Cottrell's room it was refreshing to watch students diligently attack a word problem first thing. Mr. Cottrell wasn't so worried about finding the correct answer, but was more focused on students determining what is important in the word problem to solve the problem. One question that stood out to me that he asked his students was, "Does it make sense?" He was referring to the operation the students chose to solve the problem. I love this question. We have to ask students to make sense of what they are doing in all areas, academically, socially, emotionally. Often times children spend a lot of time solving problems and what they have done just doesn't make sense. I commend Nick for asking this simple question that will make a huge difference in the thinking of his students.

Another "Ah Ha" moment was during second grade data team. The team was looking at a formative assessment over solving word problems. Mrs. Hutchinson was looking at a student's work that at the moment didn't make sense to her. With Bindu and I looking over her shoulder also trying to make sense of the student's work, Mrs. Hutchinson lit up and said, "Oh my gosh! Do you see what he did? He completely understands this conceptually!" She then began explaining what he did. I appreciate the time teachers are taking to understand their students' work. That then led our conversation to how can we make this student's thinking visible to his classmates. What a great conversation! I was so happy to be a part of it.

Number Talks Video (Grade 3)

I am thinking how beneficial these short talks will be to increase number sense in all grade levels. It could be integrated into What’s My Place? What’s My Value? We would see great pay offs in students ability to do complex math operations.

What Is Happening At Wright...

Admin out of the building...

Tracey: Wednesday (AM/PM)



Hettie: Thursday (AM/PM)

Donna: Wednesday (PM), Thursday (curriculum) (AM/PM), Friday (Vocabulary work session, IC) (AM/PM)

Dates To Remember

Santa Shop Arts in Action on the Stage: Week of 12/7 (Starting 7:00 AM)

Academic Team: Monday,12/7 (2:30-4:00)

Conservation for 5th grade: Thursday, 12/10 (1:00-2:15)

Academic Team: Monday, 12/14 (2:30-4:00)

Wacky Wednesday: Dress in best (or ugliest) Holiday Attire

Fire Drill: Wednesday, 12/16

PTO After School Holiday Movie:Wednesday, 12/16 (2:30-5:00)

Spirit of the Season: Thursday, 12/17 (9:30, 1:30, 6:30)

Faculty Follies (Lip Sync), Friday, 12/18 (9:30-10:30)

End of the Grading Period, Friday, 12/18

Winter Break: 12/21-1/1

Happy New Year-Back To School: 1/4

Hagan's Hotline



Kentucky’s procedures for the inclusion of special populations in the state-required assessment and accountability programs, found in state regulation 703 KAR 5:070, have historically required that accommodations be student initiated, not teacher initiated. The February 2014 revision of the regulation placed greater emphasis on student initiation with the broad goal being for students to gain independence and self-advocacy skills. In the regulation, school staff was required to make accommodations available to students and ask if students would like to use their accommodations. It was considered student initiated if a student responded in an affirmative or negative manner.

However, upon recent advice and guidance from the United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR), through its complaint resolution process, the Kentucky Department of Education is directing districts and schools­to immediately cease the practice of requiring that accommodations be student initiated. Instead districts should make available and provide all accommodations as determined by a student’s placement team or Admissions and Release Committee (ARC) unless the student specifically refuses such accommodations. In practical terms, instead of asking the question to implement student initiation, a teacher or test proctor will provide the accommodation.

All other guidance for the administration of accommodations, as defined in 703 KAR 5:070, remain unchanged. Districts are reminded that accommodations shall be: (1) determined by a student’s placement team; (2) determined in advance of the administration of statewide assessments; and (3) provided in conformance with all legal requirements including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (Title II).

The Kentucky Department of Education is in the process of amending 703 KAR 5:070 to conform to the recent advice and guidance from OCR. The regulation amendment process will involve interaction with OCR and review and action by the Kentucky Board of Education anticipated in February 2016. The amended procedures will be available in training materials in advance of the spring 2016 testing window. Questions may be directed to the Division of Support and Research at (502) 564-4394 or dacinfo@education.ky.gov or Associate Commissioner Rhonda Sims at rhonda.sims@education.ky.gov.

Stephen L. Pruitt, Ph.D.

Commissioner of Education

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