The Nightmarys

By: Dan Poblocki

Theme Number One: Don't Judge people until you get to know them.

I chose this as one of my themes because in the book Timothy and his friend, Stewart, judge Abigail Tremens. The boys judge her because she is new and different. When Abigail gets nervous she plays with fire and they think that is very strange, until one day when Timothy has to be a partners with Abigail for a project in class. Timothy becomes friends Abigail and finds out that they have a lot in conman. Timothy feels bad of the way he treated her.
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Theme Number Two: Don't keep your feelings bottled up.

I chose this theme as a second one because Timothy and Abigail both keep their feelings to themselves. Timothy really wants to talk to Stuart about his problem with his bad dreams and his brother, but he just can't. Abigail has no one to talk too. Her grandmother is also busy he mom never has time for her either. The only way she can express her feelings is by playing with fire. Abigail has many nightmares as well. The two end up telling each other their problems and now they are facing them together. They start finding and figuring out clues to why they are having nightmares and why is there creepy strange things happening to them.

How the Themes Relate..

The two themes relate to each other because don't judge people until you know what they are going through. They could be acting they way they are because they don't know how to let their feelings out so they keep them bottled up and to themselves. The only way for them to coop with the nightmares and the strange things happening is to keep their feelings to themselves. They think they are the only ones having that problem until they express their feelings to each other and they find out they are both going through the same thing. That's why it is also good to talk to people if you need help and never make fun of someone because of how they act or look.

Book Project By: Courtney Tusler