Region: North Africa and Southwest Asia

People and Society

Total population: 81,824,270

1.03 males/1 female

Makes up 1.08% of the worlds pop

Average age of the population: 28.8 years

Birth rate: 18/1000

Death rate: 6/1000

Life expectancy: 71.2 years

Languages: Persian (official), Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic, and 4 other small languages

Religions: Muslim (official) 99.4%, Sunni 5-10%, other (Christianity, Judaism) <1%

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Population density cartogram

Population Issue

The previous population policy in Iran was to offer free or inexpensive family planning services and that "2 children were enough". However recently President Ahmadinejad came out with a new policy saying that the old policy is "ungodly" and a "western import" and ultimately urges families to have more children. Some of the incentives for having more children that have been put in place are things like paying families for each child they had, depositing money into the child's bank account through their 18th birthday, free hospital delivery stays for women, and longer maternity leaves. The government has even gone so far as to eliminate subsidies for all forms of birth control.

Middle class citizens are weary of starting families because of the economic and political turmoil that has plagued the country for years. No one has enough money to raise a family or take time off from work to take care of even one child, let alone a large family of 5 or 7. The leader of Iran wants to turn the "steep declines in fertility rates" around soon because if it continues at this rate the country could see a population growth of zero within the next 20 years. This new policy hopes to double the population of Iran by the year 2050.

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Does Iran Need to Make More Babies?

Does Iran Need To Make More Babies?
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