The Sneek Peek

Sept. 19th, 2016

Class Curriculum

Reader's Workshop -
First and Second Graders will both begin working with reading partners this week. Children are assigned to a partner on their same reading level. We will be discussing comprehension strategies and the use of sticky notes to promote comprehension during our independent reading. Reading partners hold each other accountable. This week children will learn to use their sticky notes to guide discussions with their partner on connections and the main idea of their text.

Writer's Workshop -
First Graders will be working to add detail to their small moments story by working on 'itsy bitsy' steps and bringing the 'inside out'.

Second Graders are focused on tone and mood. We will be discussing how good writers choose 'just right' words to convey the mood of their writing.

Math Workshop-
First Graders will be focused on comparing numbers - answering questions of 'how many more/ less' using number lines, tens frames, and modeled drawing. Children will also be identifying and creating true and false statements while comparing numerals.

Second Graders continue to explore place value. We will continue to work on representing numbers in standard form (456), expanded form (400+50+6), written form (four-hundred - fifty-six) and modeled form. Children will be ordering three to four 3 digit numbers.

Social Studies -
First Graders will be participating in a end of the unit PBL (project base learning) activity. As more mature students, they will be visiting with Kindergartners to teach them about conflict resolution. Children will be able to present their information in a variety of ways.

Science -
Second Graders are beginning a new science unit: Weather. This week we will be studying tools used to measure weather and creating our own anemometer.
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Patterson Farm field trip

October 5th all 24 students will be attending the Patterson Farm field trip. I am looking forward to this fun Fall activity! Information has been sent home in your child's folder. Please note if you would like to attend you will need to pay for yourself at the farm on that day.

Class Calendar

Mon. Sept. 19th - Day 5
Tues. Sept. 20th - Day 1
Wed. Sept. 21st - Day 2
Thurs. Sept. 22nd - Day 3
Fri. Sept. 23rd - Day 4

Treasure Box

One's man junk is another man's treasure! If you have any items from a 'junk drawer' or trinkets you are willing to part with we would love them for our classroom treasure box. Items do not have to be brand new but in good condition.

mini writing books

In writer's workshop we have been studying narrative writing. Children have been writing about small moments that occur in their daily lives. On several occasions I have found children stating, they have nothing to write about. These small notebooks are a great way for your child to record those special small moments that occur at home or on the weekends. They can jot themselves a note about the experience and then expand upon it during Writer's Workshop at school. Just an idea to support your child's writing.