Habib Noor

Sports Enthusiast

Habib Noor Plays Soccer With Exceptional Skills And Great Passion

Habib Noor is a sports enthusiast and likes to play soccer once in a week with his friends. He is a big fan of Manchester United and has watched all the matches of this team. Some players are blessed with the natural ability, but that doesn't ensure success in the game, they have to work very hard to become a skilled player. Habib has great love for the game, and it keeps him motivated when things don't seem good on the game. He has a strong command of all the essential skills. The precise skill set depends on the position of a player, but each and every player must possess excellent ball control along with passing abilities. A person needs not to be the most stylish or skillful player on the field to succeed in soccer.

Habib says that a player should practice simple and easy side foot passing every day, if he or she wants to make it as a professional player. If individuals practice the basic soccer skills continuously, they will soon stand out from the crowd. Habib Noor says that soccer is a team sport, thus players should work well with their teammates. They must listen to the instructions of their coach and should follow the game plan, strictly. It is advisable to display all of their individual skills during a game. Selfishness on the pitch doesn't help anyone win any popularity or praise.

Discipline is another thing that holds great importance on and off the soccer field. Whenever, Habib plays the game, he respects the decisions of the referee and the laws of the game. He says if a player develops a reputation as a hotheaded player, coaches can become hesitant prior to making him or her a regular part of the beginning lineup. Off the field, a player will have to make a few sacrifices. His or her diet and other lifestyle choices have to be just like an athlete, therefore, he or she must stay away from junk food, alcohol, and cigarettes. A disciplined player must reach on time for training sessions.

A complete 90 minute soccer game requires a lot of stamina, and an excellent player needs to play at close to the peak performance for the whole game. Habib Noor is also very passionate about physical fitness, and does different types of exercises in order to stay fit and healthy. He gives preference to the exercises that help in increasing stamina and body strength. While playing soccer he received an injury and had to go for an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery on 11th November 2014. So, he will have to take 1 year break before he could start playing soccer again.