Libyan civil war

Why it started.

The civil war in Libya started when anti Gaddafi forces held protests asking him to step down but he refused. In return the government security force clashed with the protesters. Some protesters were killed. Then it became a nation wide rebellion and the rebels formed the national transitional government that was recognized as Libya's legal representative by the UN.

Where it's occurring at?

Sides of the conflict

The libyan rebels felt the need for a new leader because Gaddafi was believed to be a murderer and only left Libya in ruins. He had numerous attacks on civilian targets within the country. The libyan government even ordered libyan Air Force strikes on civilians which then led to the united nations security council resolution. Guddafis corrupt government only believed they're country was getting out of hand and needed to take forceful action. So they attacked protestors with armed weapons.

International conflicts

One of the international conflicts is gas prices. Gas prices are going up for everyone because oil is going up. OPEC is the largest provider of oil epically for America. A second conflict is that Libya is claiming to have weapons of mass destruction which effects everyone because they could just shoot them at anybody.


Why did the revolution start?

where do you think Libya is at today culturally.

Why is the revolution an international conflict.