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March 22, 2019

A Sincere Note of Thanks...

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I wanted to thank all of my parents, students, their extended family, and all others associated with my classroom for reaching out with kind words, emails, or texts of condolences in the past few weeks. Thank you so much for the candle lantern as well as the multiple gift cards. I cannot express how much I have appreciated and needed all of the kind words. I would never be the kind-hearted educator I was without the love and support of my mother and I will miss her greatly. Thanks again to each and everyone of you!


This week we took our learning to Pinheads. While there we applied a little of what we've learned about forces and motion and how things move, as well as some of our math skills. The first of the 5 bowls the class was asked to bowl them a certain way: zig zag, fast, slow, straight, then they got to choose from there on out. We drew the path our ball took then wrote the total fraction of pins that they knocked down. When we got back to school we compared scores and also learned about mean, median, and mode as well as graphed the scores from our bowling lane.
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2nd Grade Choir Club Performance!

A job well done to our TCE 2nd graders that participated in the 2nd grade choir club this semester. They performed Friday morning and I heard they did amazing!
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Yearbook Reminder!!!

It's not too late to order your 2018-2019 TCE yearbook! The online ordering site is open until March 22. The cost of the yearbook is $16 per book. To order a yearbook this year, you will need to order online at . We will not be accepting cash or checks this year. All orders are due by March 22nd. To place an order online, enter in the code 36760V. The yearbooks will be shipped to TCE and passed out to the students near the end of May.

Book Fair Coming Soon!

The Spring Book Fair is coming to TCE! It will be open Tuesday, April 9th – Friday, April 12th during the school days AND on Wednesday, April 10th until 7:00 pm during PTO Pancake Dinner! Our class will shop the Book Fair on Tuesday, April 9 at 10AM. If you choose to send in money for your child to shop, send it in a clearly marked envelope with your child’s name and teacher. You are welcome to sign in at the office and shop with your child as well. **You must have a background check on file in the office if you wish to shop during the school day with your child. Please visit HSE's website for more info: Thank you for supporting the library and the reading lives our students!

Southeastern Swim Club!!

Come join the fun! We are located at Hamilton Southeastern High School Natatorium New member evaluations/tryouts are being held:

Saturday, March 23rd: 9 - 11:00 am

Evaluations take approximately 15 minutes and a member of the SSC coaching staff will meet with you immediately afterwards to recommend placement with our programs, we also offer swim lessons. It is not necessary to attend each evaluation- simply pick one that is convenient for your schedule. If you are unable to attend these dates or would like additional information, please email Heather Streett at

Haiti Passion Project

I am Lania from Mrs. Wallace's class.

Did you know it is almost one month until spring vacation? My family and I are doing something extra special. We are traveling to the country of Haiti, where I was born. Haiti is very beautiful, yet a poor country. The children need our help. They told my mom they really need backpacks and peanut butter. Can you help by donating a new or gently used backpack and a fresh jar of peanut butter? We will be collecting these items until the 22nd in a box by the front office.

Thank you TCE cardinals and together we will bless Haiti!

FHS Children's Theatre Presents.....

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Daily Snacks

WE ARE STILL IN NEED.....Please consider sending a snack to school with your child each day. Our approved list (to keep all of our Cardinals safe - especially those living with food allergies) include:




Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

Skinny Popcorn

We appreciate donations for our students that are without a snack, as well. Thank you for considering!

Background Checks & Anti-Bullying Video

All who desire to volunteer, chaperone fieldtrips, or eat lunch in the cafeteria must have an approved background check on file and complete the Anti-bullying video. Background checks are good for 3 years. If you have questions about your background check, please contact the TCE office @ (317) 594-4310.

Mark Your Calendar!

March 22nd: PTO Movie Night

March 29th - April 7th: No school - Spring Break

April 9th- 10:00-10:30 Book Fair Shopping

April 10th: 5:30-7:00 PTO Pancake Dinner, Book Fair is open, and young author books are on display in our gym

April 25th- Study Trip to Flat Fork Creek Park

May 17th- Field Day

*Just a reminder that we have early dismissal every Monday so that our teachers can continue their learning.

Related Arts Schedule for Next Week!

Monday, March 25: Day 2: Global Studies

Tuesday, March 26: Day 3: Music

Wednesday, March 27: Day 4: Art

Thursday, March 28: Day 1: P.E.

Monday, April 8: Day 2: Global Studies

Tuesday, April 9: Day 3: Music

Wednesday, April 10: Day 4: Art

Thursday, April 11: Day 1: P.E.

Friday, April 12: Day 2 Global Studies

We are Learning


We continued to look at fairy tales and different aspects of these books. We talked about what setting was and noticed that many fairy tales take place in or near a woods or somewhere near a castle. We also started talking about themes. Many of the fairy tales we read had very strong themes and almost everyone lesson, or theme, helped the reader become a better person.

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We are working so hard on our Young Author books and can not wait for you to see our finished product. These will be displayed at the Pancake Dinner the evening of April 10th. Hope to see each of you then!

Word Study

We will take our spelling test this Thursday. Please work with your child at home to learn their words. Here are some activities you can do with them:

Repeated Sort: Students will sort their words. Then check their words using the answer key. Then sort their words again!

Draw and Label: Students choose 10 of their words. Then they will draw a picture of each world and label it.

Blind Sort: Using given guide words, or headers, students spell or write in words in the correct category as a partner calls each word aloud without showing it.

Writing Sort: Students write their words under the correct category.

Speed Sort: Students sort words quickly under the correct categories (use a timer to see how fast they can do it!) Students love to beat records and to set goals for themselves.

Word Hunt: Students hunt through their own reading and writing for words that are additional examples of the sound, pattern, or meaning unit they study!

Buddy Sort: Using the given headers, students sort their words with a partner, then discuss. They will then check their work with their answer key.


We started and ended our week talking about 2D shapes. This was a lot of review talk as we discussed that all 2D shapes have 1 face. We then discussed the similarities and differences of different 2D shapes and which shapes can and can't be polygons and which shapes can and can't be quadrilaterals. We also learned a little about fractions. This worked well as we talked fractions when we were bowling.