RSU 57 Community Newsletter

October 3, 2022

Message from the Superintendent

Dear RSU 57 Families,

I hope this newsletter finds you all well and looking forward to the week ahead. The start of the 2022-23 school year has proven to be a positive one. Our schools have returned in large part to operating in pre-COVID norms for day to day operations and instruction. Student enrollment in RSU 57 is at its highest level since before the start of the pandemic.

Schools have seen the return of student assemblies, flexible groupings, elementary cross grade level connections and the planning of community events has begun in earnest.

In addition to this joyful return to many of our past traditions, I'm most excited about the manner in which our RSU 57 staff have begun this school year in service to our students. We have welcomed a number of amazing new staff members in all schools and all departments. They have proven themselves to be excellent additions. I am also thankful for the manner in which our veteran staff members have welcomed their new colleagues and have served as a model for what it means to be a RSU 57 staff member.

I would like to share some additional highlights of this first month of the school year.

  • Through the first month of this school year, student attendance rates are significantly higher across the district than they were the past two school years. Student attendance is a strong predictor of student achievement and so having students attend school more regularly is key in our efforts to grow student learning.
  • In addition to higher student rates of attendance, I can report that we've also seen a strong increase in the rate of staff attendance this year compared to last. We are hopeful that this is a sign that some of the challenges our district has faced the past two years during the pandemic may be subsiding.
  • Our student participation rates in extracurricular activities are up across the board. Participation in school clubs, sports teams, drama, band and chorus are up at both the middle school and the high school. Research shows that students who participate in some sort of extracurricular activity perform better in school and report having more positive feelings about attending school. I'm thrilled to see our participation numbers rebound as they have this school year.
  • In speaking of participation, our high school administration reports to me that there were 539 students in attendance at this past weekend's Homecoming Dance! That level of attendance is unheard of and, I think, is a strong indication of the positive culture and climate changes our high school has put in place this school year.
  • Participation in our family events has been amongst the highest in years. Attendance at events like our schools' Open House nights, school sporting events and in our various Parent-Teacher Organizations across the district has been phenomenal!

I am filled with hope and anticipation for what I believe will be a fantastic year in each of our schools. Strong school-to-home partnerships are a key in supporting the learning of students. I encourage all our RSU 57 parents and caregivers to take an active role in your child's education by staying in communication with your child's teacher(s) and by participating in the various community events that each of our schools offer to families throughout the school year.

I wish all of you a healthy and productive week ahead.

Dr. Stephen Marquis

RSU 57 Needs Your Help!

RSU 57's federal funding requires the completion of the lunch application to receive federal funds for our schools. Our current return numbers are so low that we are in jeopardy of not receiving the same level of funds as in the past. Please help us by completing the form by Friday October 7, 2022. There are multiple options available in completing the form. Please visit our RSU 57 Nutrition page for more information or complete the online form found HERE. Thank you.

RSU 57 IS Hiring!

RSU 57 is actively seeking candidates for a variety of teaching and support positions. RSU 57 offers competitive salaries, excellent benefits packages and a supportive and fulfilling work experience. For information on current openings please visit our employment page found HERE.

School Custodian Appreciation Day

National School Custodian Appreciation Day is Sunday October 2. Thank you to the many hard working and dedicated custodial employees throughout RSU 57 for the work they do in ensuring our students and staff have a safe, clean and welcoming environment in which to learn and work.

From The Office of the Assistant Superintendent

It's been a pleasure to see the many great things happening across RSU 57 classrooms during this opening month of the school year. Teachers are eager and enthusiastic in their welcoming back of students to the classroom. Routines and procedures are in place and classes are well into the curriculum. Teachers have and will be engaging students in a variety of assessments in order to identify where each student is at in their learning. This critical information informs our instruction so that it can be targeted to each student's specific needs. Encouraging your student to give their best effort on these assessments allows for the most accurate data possible. On behalf of the educators of RSU 57, we are grateful for parent/caregiver support of these efforts to identify the learning needs of our students.

Wishing all our RSU 57 families and students a happy first week of October.

Kyle Keenan

Assistant Superintendent

More Happenings Around RSU 57!

Upcoming Dates:

  • October 7: Teacher Professional Day - No School for Students
  • October 10: Indigenous People's Day - No School for Students
  • October 19: Early Release Day
  • October 29: Halloween Carnival at Massabesic Middle School