Terabyte Twosdays

Almost Every Other Tuesday (if I remember)

School Forms - Relocated

Are you looking for PO forms, reimbursement forms, field trip forms, conference forms, phone lists, etc. Look no further. They are linked on the dashboard in the staff course in itslearning.
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Tech Reminders from the County

  1. Please make sure your wifi is not on when you are plugged into the network! This means all teachers who run the activBoard from their laptop need to make sure the wifi button on the top right of their keyboard is orange.
  2. Please make sure BYOT devices and Chromebooks are NEVER plugged into the network. They may only access the internet through wifi.
  3. Please remember to shutdown desktops nightly. This allows updates to our virus protection to process as well as allows other patches to be processed.


Classflow comes to Forsyth. Create an account at forsyth.classflow.com to begin using it now. It is ok if you already have an account. Use the new link to access your account as well as many new resources and tools. For help getting started join Mo after school Tuesday, March 15.
ClassFlow at a Glance