يوم الخميس Thursday

Review Week Reminders?


Your Grades: All assignments have been graded as of last night. I submitted the biweekly grade report to your schools last night. Please be sure you are checking the "My Grades"tab to find your grades, and what assignments you are missing/still need to do. You can still make up your missed assignments.

Your Grades & My Comments

  • Make sure you are checking the "Your Grades" tab to find your grades. Don't forget to check the feedback I've left for your assignments, please be sure to click the blue comment icon next to your grade given.
  • Remember that language coaching sessions are 20% of your grade, which means if you don't attend one, that can drop your grade a lot! Keep this in mind. Make sure you make up ALL your missed sessions ASAP.

ركن الثقافة Lesson 5 - الدرس الخامس

Meaning of Food & Eating Tradition in the ME

Essential to any cooking in the Arab world is the concept of hospitality and generosity. Meals are generally large family affairs, with much sharing and a great deal of warmth around the dinner table. Formal dinners and celebrations generally involve various dishes, and every occasion entails large quantities of Arabic coffee.
In this Powerpoint, you will enjoy learning about the tradition around the dinner table.

Continue to Do Your BEST!

  • NOTE: The Mid-Term Exam is around the corner. Make sure that you submit all missing work for lessons 1 through lesson 5.
  • This includes all assignments, quizzes, and coaching sessions. If you missed a coaching session, please make it up as soon as possible or listen to archives.


who made their missing assignments last night. Have you checked in with me this week. You can use text or phone call. I would love to hear from you.
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Reminder of Academic Integrity?

  • The quiz is located on the top of the navigation bar in the course. My records show that ONLY 1 student still needs to take it in AR1Sec1 and 4 students from AR1Sec2.
  • PLEASE DO NOT USE ONLINE TRANSLATION TOOLS for any of your assignments in Arabic 1. Your assignments might result in a 0% in addition to contacting your school for academic integrity.
  • ALL students are expected to have academic integrity while submitting assignments and quizzes in this course. What does that mean? Any work submitted by you, must be your original work! Taking or GIVING content/information Using language translators are UNACCEPTABLE
  • NCVPS teacher will notify the student’s principal and eLA and parent of the suspected violation. If the student continues to do any of the offenses above, greater disciplinary action will be taken.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns.