Political Satire Comic

By: Brennan Sincerbeaux

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I think it is sad that people are going to lie about crimes. It makes sense that the person who commited the crime is going to lie, but when their is a person who witnessed it and they lie to make the story more interesting. It's sad that our police, the ones who are supposed to protect us are abusing their rights. I mean we are to the point to where police have to where body cameras so that their is solid evidence. I just think it's sad that nobody can be trusted anymore.

Information about the cartoon

This is a modern day cartoon made very recently. This cartoon is about the recent case in which a cop shot a boy who was robbing a store. This is a very stereotypical comic. The witness is an African women who has a loud mouth. The suspect is a big buff guy wearing a tank top. The cop is a skinny white guy. The artist is trying to say that nobody can be trusted cause everyone claims that they are telling the truest.