How to Escape to the North

and into freedom on the "Underground Railroad"

When to escape

Follow this guide in order to escape from the black belt. Start your journal in Nashville, Tennessee. You should wait until night to leave as you do not want to be seen by your overseer, if you are seen you will most likely receive floggings. Act like you are going to the bathroom, when you spot the north star, escape towards it.

How to determine which way is north?

Follow the North Star. The way to spot it is to look for a big dipper in the sky, next to this you will see a very bright star, this is the North Star. Another way is to follow the birds because they fly North after winter. You could also look for moss on trees as moss only grows on the north side of trees.

What next?

In order to escape you must travel through streams to loose your scent this will make slave catchers and dogs not find. Abolitionists and other darkies will help you along the way. Some abolitionists have set up slave houses that you will be able to stay in. Many other darkies know the path to freedom very well and can smuggle you north. Abolitionists can get you jobs in the North. Your final goal is to get across the ohio river and into Ripley, Ohio. A man here can get you across Lake Erie and into Canada where you will become a free slave.