A Stop to Bullying

By:Reid Shafer

A Stop to Bullying in Coppell

What is bullying? At first glance, it might seem as someone trying to act cool around their friends by hurting someone or an older kid picking on a smaller kid just for fun. Im here to tell you that we do not want this to happen in our Coppell schools. Coppell has a reputation for being an amazing school district and i want to keep that reputation going!

What we can do

There are many things we can do to stop bullying in Coppell. Not just one person can put an end to bullying, many people have to take part in preventing it. Teachers can play a huge part in preventing bullying. Some things they can do are to stop it immediately as they see it. The next thing the educator can do is try to gather all the facts about what has happened. The kids also play a huge part into stoping bullying, however they are the ones doing the bullying. Kids need to treat each other with respect. Another important thing kids should do is try to protect themselves from cyber bullying. Lastly, you can stand up for others. If kids follow these three tips, bullying for kids in Coppell should decrease.


Coppell has had an amazing reputation for being a highly looked upon school district. We need to keep this honor by putting an end to bullying. Not only one person can do this, we need all of Coppell to pitch in to put an end to bullying.