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4 Physicaln Features


The Sahel is the semiarid region between the Sahara. To the north and the Savannas to the south, extending from Senegal to Ethiopia. The Sahel forms a belt that separates the arid sahara from tropical West Africa the Sahel has natural pasture, with low-growing grass and tall trees. Forage for animals (camel. Pack ox, grazing cattle and sheep) consists of thorn shrubs and trees such as the baobab and the acacia. At least 8 months the year are dry.

Ethiopian Highlands

The Ethiopian Highlands are located on the western section of the Ethiopian Plateau. Fringed by the Sudan Lowlands these mountains are probably of early volcanic origin. the Ethiopian Plateau and several of its mountain groups are cut by deed valleys. the Blue Nile runs from its source, lake tana through the center of the Plateau.

Mediterranean sea

The Mediterranean sea is the world's largest sea in land. surrounded by Europe, Africa and Asia,it covers an area of 965.000 square miles. the Mediterranean sea connects with the Atlantic Ocean through the strait of Gibraltar; with the Black sea through the Dardanelles, the sea of Marmara, and the Bosporous; and with the Red sea through the suez canal. the shares of the sea are mainly mountainous.
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Red Sea

The Red sea is a long, narrow sea that sits between Africa and the Arabian peninsula. The Gulf of Aqaba and and Gulf of suez are the sea's northern arms; between them sits the sinai peninsula. The Red sea is linked with the Indian Ocean by excessively hot and dry deserts and steppes, summer water temperatures of teh exceed 85 Farenheit.