The Snowy Scoop

2013 PEPPers...EES & GES

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The Unstoppable Snowmen By Emily Snow flake

Snowball played football on the team Unstoppable Snowmen .After a while there best player left the team so he left too. The other players had to wrap things up because there two best players left the team. Snowball was sad he had to leave his team to look for his other teammate finally he found him at the diner with some snow girl as soon as I saw her she walked right out with Snowball and that was the last thing anybody ever heard of Snowball.

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Snowmen Made A Game by Daniel Iceball

Snowmen made a new game called Snowball. Its the same as Baseball except everything’s made out of snow! They made it up when 4 snowmen were having a snowball fight when a snowman threw a snowball at a snowman with a snowbat (a bat you use in baseball) and hit the snowball over a 10 story building! So then the snowmen told everybody and started their own team. Soon everybody wanted to play.In the World Seiries it was the Snow Plow vs the Snowmen Crunch. It was 15 to 5 so the Snow Plow won and that was the season.

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Ben Goodman by Cara Carroll

Ben’s life as a snowman was very good. When he was 7, he was pretending to be a scuba diver in the tub, and his brother jumped in. He wasn’t very happy though. When he when 15, he was in the middle of school, and he took a baby pool, filled it with water, jumped in and started swimming! His teacher sent him to the principal’s office though, and he was sent to preschool to learn how to count to three. It was a torture! He had to trace shapes, do Math problems that equal 1, and sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. When his mom heard about this, she grounded him for fifteen years! And as another punishment, she banned him from playing on the computer for fifteen months! The only time in Ben’s life that he never forgot and will never forget is the time when he cursed someone and his mom was right in front of him when he did it! They were in the car at the time, so they turned back around, and went back to their house. Ben was put in the box of shame for a week. He melted on 2/7/13 by getting to close to a fireplace.