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April 20 - 24

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What's going on in class?


Awesome job this week everyone! Geometry is winding down! This week we will complete the Geometry unit this week and prepare for the next step into statistics. We will start solving for surface area of 3-D shapes and figuring out what a 3-D shape would look like if it were unfolded laying flat. Thursday will be our second part of the Geometry quiz. I look forward to ending the Geometry unit on a high note!

Please continue to the daily tasks and asking questions if you have any.

Have a great weekend and stay safe!

Language Arts

Great job this week Team 2! I'm so proud of each and every one of you!

This week students continued working on the story All Summer in a Day. We discussed what drives a story, external (action driven) or internal (character driven) conflicts, and determined that both play a part in the story we are reading. Next week we will start our assessment for this reading which will be focused on alternate endings for the story.

Continue to watch the daily videos, attending live sessions, and emailing with any questions.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all next week!


Hey Wildcats!

This Week: We have started a mini unit on Chemical reactions. The graded assignment in skyward for this week was assigned on Friday and titled Observing Chemical Change. We also got to celebrate Earth Day on Wednesday and hopefully students have gotten a chance to get outside for at least a few hours during the pretty weather this season.

Next Week: We will continue with chemical reactions, with the focus being on Conservation of Mass. There will be an assessment grade at the end of next week.

In skyward your student should have four science grades by this time: 3 daily work grades and 1 assessment grade. This represents half of their work for term 4. If they are behind or need help please have them contact me or visit during office hours. Sixth Grade Science has live office hours every school day from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM. The link to join live office hours is below the Live Time link in our science course. Please join if you have any questions as we will be able to help you.

Health Update:

In your third term report card you received a letter from the JCMS Science Department laying out the topics for Health and Human Sexuality that will begin in May. Like many of the other changes that have happened when we transitioned to online learning, those topics have also changed. In sixth grade the Health and Safety Topics that will be covered this spring will be:

- Staying Safe Online

- Personal Hygiene

- Substance Abuse

- Infectious Diseases, Noninfectious Diseases, & Hand washing

- Wearing Sunscreen & Staying Hydrated

I proud of you and I believe in you!

Mrs. Green

Social Studies

Wow Team 2, can you believe it has already been 3 weeks?! This week we wrapped up our unit on Ancient Rome and began learning about African Kingdoms. We focused specifically on the Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. Our graded assignment for this week was an Edpuzzle about Africa.

Next week, students will continue learning about Ancient Africa, with a focus on the gold and salt trade in West Africa. Next week we will have our first quiz grade for this quarter. Please make sure to continue attending live sessions and completing work.

Have a great weekend!

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