Jaguar Journal

Week of February 25th

Important Events for the Week:

Monday, February 25th:

  • 4th grade quarterly collaboration
  • 3rd/K PLC

Tuesday, February 26th:

Wednesday, February 27th:

  • 4th/1st PLC

Thursday, February 28th:

  • 5th grade quarterly collaboration
  • 2nd PLC

Friday, March 1st:

  • 5th PLC
  • Signature School Breakfast Celebration (Murray, Membreno, Cotten)
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Updates/Important Information

Playground will remain closed this week. Until the updates are complete, it is necessary for all grade levels to play in other locations (if it isn't raining...the forecast doesn't look promising). Please work as a grade level to plan for supervision if you decide to use the following areas:

  • Ball Field (by the road)
  • Ball Field
  • Soccer Field
  • MPR (this areas is not big enough for an entire grade level. If you would like to use this area, please work on a rotation across the grade level. One class per day using this area would be ok. Also, please do not allow kids to kick balls up to ceiling tiles. This requires lots of work to repair.)

Progress Monitoring: It's that time again! It is time for I/E groups and classroom teachers to start progress monitoring again. Refer to the Tier II/Tier III Intervention Document if you have questions on what you are PM'ing your students with. See Brittany if you have any questions.

Family Fest - Let me extend an invitation to a districtwide event that is called Family Fest. It’s February 26th from 5:30 to 7:30 in the evening at Jordan-Matthews High School. It’ll be a time for families to learn more about not only our school-based resources but also what’s available in the community for families. Information has been in the Jaguar Journal for the past few weeks. Additional information is attached to this newsletter.

North Chatham PTA has $8,143 to be used for STEAM education grants! We are now accepting grant applications to award STEAM grants for the classroom(s). Please complete the survey at the following link: STEAM PTA Teacher Grant

Chatham 360 Award:

Our Leadership Team will work to select a student that for the Chatham 360 award. This student will be one that demonstrates a commitment to uplift their schools or communities. A worthy student, for example, would be one who establishes a student-lead community service club, or a student who leads a fundraising initiative. It might even be that student who just puts a smile on everyone’s face and lifts the spirits of those around them. Service, attitude, and a commitment to making their school a great place to be are fantastic criteria from which to start your consideration. Eligible students must demonstrate one of the following core beliefs of the school district:

*All students can learn given the appropriate supports and time.
*Our society depends on a strong public-education system.
*Learning is a lifelong process.
*Everyone should strive for personal growth and success.
*Education is a shared responsibility between educators, parents, students and the community.
*Supportive, safe and nurturing school environments are essential for all students.
*Technology is a catalyst for personal, professional and academic success.

Please share any names/nominees that you have with an SLT rep. prior to our upcoming meeting on March 5th.

Marcy Cook Tiles: Mrs. Teague has worked very hard getting and organizing Marcy Cook math materials for our school. These are excellent resources to challenge your higher students in independent math stations. Victoria has organized the tile packets by topic and they are in a file crate in the PLC room for you to borrow for your class as needed. You could even make a copy of the tile cards to keep in your own rooms if you wanted. She has also already separated the number tiles 0-9 into baggies and there is enough for each teacher to borrow 5 bags for their class to use with the tile cards! Here is Victoria's flipped training powerpoint and video on what these materials are and how to use them. Please take a minute to learn about these resources and then stop by the PLC room to borrow these great math tools!

Digital Learning Dayz: CCS is taking National Digital Learning Day (FEB 28) to the next level and expanding the celebration to 4 days, February 25th - 28th! The school with the highest percentage of teacher participation will win a prize valued at $125/teacher. Based on our school survey, NCE has chosen to purchase iPADS with all of that money if we win!!! We want to give you ample time to participate and implement the Triple E Framework for DIGITAL LEARNING DAYZ. The process on what to do for Digital Learning Dayz is a little tricky this year. Please don't let that stop you from participating because we want our iPADS! Ask your DLT grade level member or see Mandy if you need more clarification on the process. See below about how to participate and/or earn CEUs:

mClass Updates from Daphne Terry:

  • mClass: The old Rigby benchmark books may now be used for progress monitoring. However, these books aren't in the system. Therefore, teachers will have to do a paper/pencil running record and then add the information using the "Add a Book Feature".
  • Standards-based question stems and sentences frames are now available through the ELA VIK. You may also find these items in the ELA Updates, 2019 folder.

Consider completing a Positive Office Referral this week!

Car Duty for the Week:

AM Duty: Parrish, Avilia, K. Horton, Alvarez, E. Webster, B. Horton

PM Duty: Eiden, Brennan, Stone, Sportelli, Landis, Hackney, Sanzone, Loftus, Crankshaw (after buses)

Please do not send out mass emails regarding other covering duty for you due to an absence/progressional development. We must have confirmed people out at car duty and we have been short several days due to no one answering the mass email and/or people not covering their duty. This is too important a time of day for us to hope someone sees the email and helps out. Please text a friend that doesn't have duty to switch with you and/or text Carla

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