Shout Outs

Employee Engagement - Who's Sinking Your Boat?

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” – Michael Jordan

STEM Educators,

What a week! I still believe this will be our BEST school year yet! Does that mean you will not have challenges? No, but with those challenges it will test our faith and make us educators. CHANGE, is one of the hardest things things to accomplish in life but our outlook will determine our outcome. It may be stormy weathers, but there are bright sunny days ahead for Bluford STEM Academy. Stop a staff member and ask them how they are REALLY doing. I saw a staff member down and in the pits. But another staff member came and gave her a hug. It truly changed her whole mood. In order for us to take Bluford to the next level, we need each other. All hands in and on the same accord. Don't wither, stay positive and watch him work.

Shout Out to 3rd , 4th and 5th Graders! These awesome STEM educators have created visuals in the hallway to show sequencing on the number line. It is one of those things that can truly help our students out. Students can look at these number lines anytime coming and going out of their hallway. Way to go 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Teachers!

Shout Out to Principal Lockhart, Coach Bowden, Mr. Smith and Ms. Copeland! Thursday , we had to deal with several incidents that really could have gotten out of hand, if we did not work together! It truly takes a village to show our young men and young women the way in life. So, many of us had help along the way. Stop a student and just ask them how they are doing. Just like Principal Hines says " You do not have to be a male to encourage our young men. Just a nice comment or gesture can make a young male feel like superman" I am a young male and it is true.

Shout Out to Mr. Smith! Mr. Smith created that awesome visual display with our Bluford Students hands, it looks awesome! Way to go Mr. Smith

Shout Out to Ms. McDougal! Ms.McDougal is our new Curriculum Facilitator! If you see her in the hallway, introduce yourself to her! She is still adjusting to our school, but give her your BEST and make her feel welcome! Way to go Ms. McDougal!

Shout Out to Mrs. Humphrey! Mrs Humphrey is doing a United Way Campaign for Bluford. Students may purchase their non-uniform passes for $1 from Mrs. Humphrey before school or during music class on Monday- Wednesday or from Ms. Lawson on Thursdays and Fridays. Way to Go!

Shout Out to our Bluford STEM Groups! We have LEGO Team, Math Club,Energy Wise, Green Team, Student Council, STEM Girls Club and Bluford STEM News all starting. Get involved Staff Members, there are several members that do everything and others not as much. Take the load off of our hardworking staff members and just give a little bit of time to help us out. Way to Group Leaders!

Shout Out to Ms. Osborne! Students love the Magnetic Slime that made in Science Lab! Students have been studying force and motion. With that, we have experimented with magnets, and to wrap up the unit, we made slime that interacts with extremely strong magnets. Way to go Ms. Osborne!

Shout Out to Ms. Copeland and Miss Ferguson! Literacy is issue at Bluford STEM Academy and keeping our students engaged is always a constant struggle. But these teachers have purchased Scholastic Classroom Magazine for the iPad through Donors Choose. Way to go Ms. Copeland and Miss Ferguson!

Shout Out to all of our Students using Class Dojo and Reflex Math! Teachers and Parents love the using Class Story!We have had several teachers posting awesome STEM activities of their classes. Teachers make sure you allow you students to utilize Reflex Math! In order for Reflex Math to be successful, students have to use it at least twice a week for 30 minutes!

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