By:Jaqueline Figueroa


It is said that many women in clerical jobs make more than trade workers. The one thing is that they actually both make good amounts of money.The truth is that the myth is a lie and that you should be happy with your job and what you do because that guarantees your chances of making more money.This myth could be true or not.


It is also said that men are not capable of working with small children.I feel like this myth is not true because everyone can work with children no matter what.If this myth wasn't true than how could many men be single fathers and take care of their children.


Another thing that people say is that many women and men are not allowed to work in certain jobs because of what there gender is.For example men who work in non traditional careers are not masculine or that women who work in non traditional careers are not feminine.You should pursue a career based on your interests,skills,and satisfaction.


Another myth is that women do not have a strong aptitude for math and science. It is also proven still that men still outnumber women in STEM careers.Even though women still struggle i feel like there not as bad at math as it seems.So i actually think this myth is true about women.


I feel like this myth can not be any more true and it says that women leave their employment to get married and have children and i agree with this 100%.Many women leave to have there children and to spend time with them.But after 1-3 years they go back to there jobs and leave there children with someone.On average women work for 30 years of there life.Only have of women go back to work.