Guru Nanak

Should we in the west follow the teaching of Guru Nanak?

Guru Nanak

I would follow him because when he was a boy his dad gave him some money to buy some food and make a profit. On his way to the velage he saw some poor people siting there with no money,thay hadn't eaten for three days! So instead of making a profit he brought some food for them and sat in the middle of them.

There are good and bad promotions that he does, here are a few.

Good & bad


There are many good ways of living life which guru Nanak is promoting

1st. They help each other

2nd. He doesn't promote anything like smoking or drug use


There are also many bad ways of living life which Guru Nakak is promoting

1st. There is nothing bad he promotes!

Personally I would not choose his way of life because I prefer my way of life and don't want

To follow any on else.