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October 17, 2016

Dr. Rhodes' Weekly Message

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Calendar Updates

There will be a fire drill on 10/17

The Staff Meeting scheduled for 10/18 is cancelled.

Report Cards go home 10/24.

Please see Outlook calendar for further details on events.

To Do...

Principal's 200 Club-- we now have pads of 200 Club tickets which will be delivered to your box. Each staff member should be issuing 1 ticket per WEEK. I should receive 200 Club tickets on the following rotation, before 8 am each morning:

Monday morning-5th Grade and Specials

Tuesday morning-3rd and 4th Grades

Wednesday morning- 1st and 2nd Grades

Thursday morning- Pre-K and Kinder

Friday morning- Comp Ed, Special Education, ESL, Assistants

Remember, you do not have to recognize someone you teach or work with can be anyone following school rules!! If you miss the deadline for your grade level, it's ok...just turn the ticket in ASAP.


The admin team will be in and out of the building next week due to a variety of commitments and professional learning. Below is a list of available admin team members by day next week:

Monday- Will, Scott, Kari, Nicole

Tuesday- Kari, Nicole

Wednesday- Kari, Nicole

Thursday- Will, Kari, Lindsay

Friday- Will, Kari, Lindsay

Karen Tillett from Think Through Math will be here at Fielder to meet with all 3rd-5th grade teachers during planning on Monday 10/17.

Thursday (20th) is our very first Math/Science Night. All professional staff are expected to help. Please see your grade level rep to sign up for a station. We are looking forward to this fun event! Food trucks will be ready at 5pm if you want to grab dinner before the evening begins.

We have hired a new 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Amy Nordstrom. Mrs. Nordstrom is returning to KatyISD after being away from the Houston area. We are happy to welcome her back to KISD and to Fielder. We have also hired an Art Teacher, Mrs. April Lambert. Mrs. Lambert will join us in Mid- November. Until she begins our long-term-sub-in-residence, Mrs. Sharon Hayes, will be teaching Art with Mrs. Florian. We are looking to begin a 4 day rotation for K-5 on October 24th.

Shout Outs

As described by you....

"Lindsay O'leary has been so helpful this year! She has really made me feel supported."

"Shout out to Carolyn Guerra in SpEd for providing strong instructional support for students and for her caring commitment to their learning and growth; she makes a difference every day!"

"Thank you to all teachers for productive kid chat RtI Collaboratives."

"Shout out to Ms. Campbell for her dedication to her students and for her smiling, positive attitude."

"Shout out to the kindergarten team for consistent active monitoring and for quick action with incidents on the playground."

"Shout out to the instructional coaches for conducting a productive and meaningful extended planning and for their consistent teacher support."

"Shout out to Ms. Horner, Ms. Kim and Ms. Hajovsky for a smooth transition with students and for their patience and teamwork as they have settled in as Fielder Falcons. We are glad you are here!"

"Can you please send a “shout out” to Claudia Nunez for all her awesome and hard work getting Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd and 5th graders vision and hearing screenings done!! She ROCKS!"

"I would like to give a “shout out” to these teachers for using one or more of these codes on the progress report comments section to give positive feedback to parents:

04 - Excellent Progress

05 - Courteous, Cooperative

06 - Conscientious, Dependable

07 - Well Organized

08 - Hard Worker

09 - Grades Improving

10 - Behavior Improving

Allison, Arteaga, Devars, Herbert, Holmes, A Kelly, E Kelly, and Villarreal."

If you have shout outs for a staff member, email them to me before Friday at noon and I will include them in our newsletter.