China and Japan

Emily WIck

Leaders of the Ming Dynasty

Hongwu was the first ever Ming Emperor and worked to erase all Mongolian past. He returned Japan back to Confucianism but became a ruthless tyrant. Yonglo moved the royal court to Beijing where it became the Forbidden City (a picture is located below.) Launched the first 7 exploration voyages for Japan and impressed the word; not mention expanding China's tribute system. Zheng He was the leader of all 7 voyages.

Qing Dynasty

Manchurian was were the Manchu people lived. They took over china during the Ming Dynasty and became the founders of the Qing Dynast.

Closed Country Policy

Japan became very isolated and would only trade with the Dutch and Chinese. This was also Japan's attempt to block out an European trade that might interfere with their culture; they did not like the Europeans.

Shoguns and Tokugawa

Shogun: sole ruler
Tokugawa: shogun who made the rule of law overcome the rule of sword.