Baby Sleep Chats at The Grandstand

For mammas and papas dreaming about more sleep

Join Zoe Chu, SG Supernanny, Singapore's baby sleep expert for a sleep chat session

Are you struggling to get your child to sleep through the night or take restorative naps? Do you feel like sleep is a constant battle in your home which leaves you feeling frustrated and exhausted? Do you wish there was someone who understood what you were going through? There is! Come talk to SG Supernanny, Singapore's baby and child sleep expert who is passionate about helping sleep deprived parents get back their sleep again.

What is a baby sleep chat?

This 15 minute 'mini' consultation is a chance to discuss your unique sleep challenges and sleep goals with Zoe. She will provide you with an overview of how she will work with your family to achieve your wildest sleep dreams (goals). You will then get a chance to decide if working with SG Supernanny is the best solution for you going forward.

18th Oct (Sat) and 28th October (Tues) 2014 at The Grandstand from 1pm to 4pm

Please sign up for your time slot in advance at the Grandstand Concierge.

SG Supernanny

Zoe Chu is the founder of SG Supernanny, Singapore's baby sleep expert here to empower you from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated to feeling calm and confident in tackling any sleep issues you may have. She works with all children newborn age to 6 years old. No sleep problem too big or too small, enquire today about a better night sleep tomorrow.