Gonzalez Premier Express

Week of April 12, 2016


To become the PREMIER elementary school in Dallas ISD


Our KA students will lead us during announcements this week. Please, make sure students are familiar with the script and report to the office by 7:58 a.m. I would like to start announcements no later than 8:05 a.m.

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Every teacher wants his or her students to be successful on the big test, whether it

is STAAR or TerraNova/Supera. Starting today, and every day until the test, the

following practices represent the highest yield of the high yield instructional practices. Use them and you students will perform better:

  1. Tell your students what you are going to teach them during the lesson, in student-friendly, concrete language. This primes the brain to be receptive to what you are going to teach them.

  2. Embed at least one small group purposeful talk activity into the lesson. This allows the student to begin to process, clarify, comprehend and connect the concept you are teaching.

  3. Embed a quick critical writing activity into every lesson. This allows the student to solidify and think deeper about the concept you are teaching.

  4. Reinforce the effort students are putting forth as they talk, write and work. Recognize improved and exemplar thinking and performance.

  5. Close the lesson. This creates an information chunk that the brain can efficiently process, store, recall and connect.

Also, let's make sure

  • we are using the TEI rubric to know exactly what is expected of you and how you may move from one level to the next.

  • Video Link: https://tiny.cc/msg-feb - as shared with you, take some time to watch this video of an exemplary teacher; you will see a teacher who earns mostly 2.5 - 3 in each area of the SPOT observation.


  • Ms. Shelby and Ms. Edwards for coordinating for coordinating the administration of the TELPAS online reading assessment and input of the ratings. Also, kudos to Ms. Gomez and Ms. Martinez for their support in the administration and inputting of ratings online. Your collaboration allowed to finalize this task in a timely manner.
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Youth Art Month

We have 5 Gonzalez students, whose artwork was selected to be on display at the African American Museum at Fair Park for Youth Art Month. The reception was last Thursday, April 7th. The following students were honored:

Catherine Valenzuela KC
Gloria Vasquez 1E
Angel Diaz 3C
Jayle Maciel 4D
Brandon Ortiz 5E

Kuddos to Mrs. Blasingame for continuing to instill in students the passion for art and bringing many honors to our campus.


April 11-

  • Inclement Weather

April 12-

  • Common Assessment for 5th six weeks begins

  • The end of the year (EOY) Spring administration window for the ESTAR/MSTAR Universal Screener continues through Friday, May 6,

  • The 2015-2016 EOY Diagnostic Assessments (DAs) will open today, and close Friday, May 13, 2016

  • Kindle Meeting @ Hawthorne ES 3:45-4:45
  • K-2 Literacy Cadre at Burleson (K-2 reading teachers select one to attend and let Ms. Edwards know which session you will attend)

April 13-

  • 8:45 - 10:00 Coffee with the principal - Auditorium
  • Weekly PLC - K-2 testing meetings
  • Stars on the Rise Campus Campaign
  • Admin Calibration
  • K-2 Literacy Cadre at Cuellar (K-2 reading teachers select one to attend and let Ms. Edwards know which session you will attend)

April 14-

  • 504 Checklist due - Shelby
  • Weekly PD - Common Assessment Data Uploading & Organization
  • K-2 Literacy Cadre at Anderson (K-2 reading teachers select one to attend and let Ms. Edwards know which session you will attend)
  • Student surveys will be administered to 3rd - 5th grade students.

April 15-

  • 5th Six Weeks Ends - Make sure you have reached out to parents and students regarding missing/failing grades
  • Dyslexia Log Due - Gonzalez
  • 1:55 - 2:55 K-2nd Pep Rally - Auditorium
  • Soccer: Gonzalez Vs. Titche @Crawford Park 4:30-5:30

April 16-

  • Saturday School - Let’s make sure we plan for lessons and activities to present the information in a different way. We only have 3 more Saturdays in our preparation for STAAR test; let’s take advantage of the extra time that we have with our students
  • Chess tournament at Hexter - Blasingame/Gomez
  • UIL at Skyline

Upcoming events

April 18-19 -

  • Elementary Music Performance ACP Administration

April 19 - 20 -

  • K-2nd TerraNova and Supera testing

April 20-21 -

  • Elementary P.E Performance ACP Administration

Personalized Professional Learning and Development

As we discussed the PD requirements for next year, the catalog for these opportunities is now available. Below is the link to the district's website where course offerings can be found. Please, use the link to begin to register as the system is now open.

Teachers and staff should use the Individualized Planning Document and Summer Professional Learning and Development Agreement form linked here. This will help with the planning process and ensure everyone meets the requirements outlined.

Grants for Transportation and Innovative Teaching

Please, see this link to find out more information regarding the Elrod's field trip transportation grant and the Junior League grants for innovative teaching.

ACP Administration Feedback

Please, see the links below and fill out a survey providing your feedback on the administration of ACPs.

District Announcements

  • Open Transfer: The Open Transfer period for the upcoming school year will be March 8, 2016 through April 22, 2016.

  • Istation announces it has executed a contract through August 31, 2017, with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) as part of the Texas SUCCESS program – a program of the Student Success Initiative. Texas SUCCESS will provide free and unlimited access, both at school and at home, to Istation Reading (grades 3 – 5) and Istation Reading en Español (grade 3) for all students in public schools and open enrollment charter schools in Texas.

Reading Teachers: Articles and Podcasts to improve your craft

  • “Where’s Your Proof?” Teaching Kids to Use Evidence

  • Listen and Learn - Literacy - Prove It!

Oscar Rodriguez

Listen & Learn – Literacy - Prove It! by Oscar Rodriguez

Mathematics Teachers: Articles and Podcasts to improve your craft

  • Mathematics Through Problem Solving (good article, but not the same article referenced in the Listen and Learn podcast)
  • Listen and Learn - Math- Solving the Problem of Problem Solving

Oscar Rodriguez

Listen & Learn - Mathematics - Solving the Problem of Problem Solving by Oscar Rodriguez
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Welcome Back!!!

Ms. Rojas - we are glad to see you back and ready to continue to make a difference in the lives of our students.