Piney Woods Ecoregion

Kayla P

Outdoor Activities

Piney Woods has a big variety of outdoor activities. In 1896 famous railroad was built so that families could spend time together seeing the sights of Texas' Piney Woods Ecoregion. The Big Thicket National Preserve is a fun land area with activities that include: biking, hiking,fishing, camping, canoeing, and so much more. The Piney Woods is a fun place for people of all ages!


The Piney Woods has some interesting history behind it. For example, Native Americans have lived in the Piney Woods for thousands of years. Years later other countries started settling there such s: the French, Spanish Missionaries, and other African Americans. There was a tribe walled the Caddo Indians that came in the 1800's. The Caddo's hunted for their food, and also gathered plants and animals. They also made pots, bowls, and cookware out of clay. The Caddo's traded goods with the Mound Builder people from other countries. The Caddo's only lived by the Caddo Lake until the mid 1800's, now they live in parts of Oklahoma and East Texas.

Historical Places

The Caddo Lake is a very historical place to visit in the Piney Woods Ecoregion. There you can see where the Caddo tribes lived back I the 1800's.

Flora and Fauna

This Texas ecoregion gets a moderate amount of rainfall, but some parts get up to 60 inches of rainfall per year. Some trees include: The American Elm, and the Southern Sugar Maple. Some animals include: gray foxes, and the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit.
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Lakes and Bodies of Water

The Piney Woods has many bodies of water that are great attractions. The Caddo Lake is a major lake in East Texas. The lake takes up 26,800 acres, the first dam was built in 1914, and replaced in 1971. The Sam Rayburn Reservoir is also a major body of water. It covers 114,500 acres of land, it also was impounded in 1965.
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The Piney Woods has an average amount of rainfall with 36to 50 inches per year. There is a high percentage of humidity.