Fossil Fuels

By: Kush Naik


Hi, my name is Kush and today I am going to be talking about what are fossil fuels, what opinions people have on using them and some facts. Enjoy!

What are fossil fuels?

Fossils fuels are deposits of decayed plants and animals such as oil, coal and gas. many humans are highly dependent because fossil fuels can be used for fuel for a car, for cooking food and for creating electricity. Unfortunately the fumes and exhaust cause a lot of dirty smoke which leads to air pollution.

What opinions do other people have about using fossil fuels?

There is 3 different opinions people have about using fossil fuels

1. We need to stop using fossil fuels

2. We need to continue using fossil fuels

3. On both sides

We need to stop using fossil fuels

Most people say that we need to stop using fossil fuels because as we know they cause lots of fume exhaust which destroys already polluted cities like Los Angeles, Mexico City, Delhi and Karachi. They also argue that we are overusing fossil fuels. Coal is expected to run out in 50-70 years, Oil in 20-30 years and Gas in 20-60 years. Also all fossil fuels reserves are expected to be finished by 2088. Fossil fuels are also non-renewable which means we cannot use them again, once we already used them. Lastly they argue that fossil fuels are too costly and the prices are still rising. Other energy sources cost less, are more environment friendly and are possibly more efficient.

We need to continue using fossil fuels

Some people say that we need to continue using fossil fuels because they are important in our everyday life. For example gas is used to cook and fuel our vehicles, coal is burned for power which is converted into electricity and oil is also used for cooking. Can you imagine life without these facilities? Fossil fuels are also very reliable because they can function anywhere, anytime, 24/7! Despite all the good things about fossil fuels they still have more and more major disadvantages.

On both sides

There is a small portion of people that believe this. They believe that fossil fuels have both strong advantages and disadvantages. Also some people on this side think that we should still use fossil fuels as long we don't overuse them. Fossil fuels are good and all but they are being overused and this will lead to the destruction of our Earth. In some places it will become not possible to live in


- It takes millions of years for fossil fuels to develop

- Fossil fuels are our main source of energy

- Naturally, gas has no smell so a chemical called "mercaptan" is added so it can easily be identified

- Coal is the energy source of 51% of homes in the USA

- Venezuela (A country in South America) has the most oil reserves in the world followed by Saudi Arabia and Canada