The Awesome Octopus

By Sean Donahue


Can you imagine waking up and looking at you hands, and there are tentacles? Octopi are amazing creatures. Their habitat, appearance, and diet are the most important to a octopus's life. This is why the Octopus family is still alive and not endangered.


Now can you imagine what it is like to be a octopus. See how its habitat, appearance, and diet are important. Good thing they are not endangered because they are amazing organisms.
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Octopi Comic Strip

This is a comic strip about how octopuses are stronger then starfish and some sharks.

Word wall

Word wall for the octopus.
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Go Fish

This is a problem to buy things to start a fish tank.
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For my go fish I had a budget of $250 for a tank, filter, filter cartridges, and decoration with gravel and fish. For fish I got a Niger trigger, three Domino damsel,two Strawberry dottyback, and a Dragon wrath. I came up to $242. I saved only $8. It was worth it, I did take off 4 types of fish.


Octopus Kills Shark
The Indonesian Mimic Octopus
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