benifits and brawbacks of IT system


Here i will tell you all the pros and cons of developing the IT system within a bussiness.


there are many beifits to devloping an IT system:

  • You will improve customer service; if your IT sytem is slow in your bussiness and it takes a while for you to access customers accounts then customers who may be on the phone may become annoyed and leave or complain, but if you were to get update you IT system then accessing customers information may be quicker so there will be less complaints from customers.
  • Another benifit is efficieny; if your It is slow then it will take longer to get work done, wasting an employee's time, but developing the IT could make it quicker so work can be done quicker so more work can be done overall.
  • If you were wanting to globalise, you could make a website for people to go on from all around the world, but your IT system doesn't have and softare availbale for you to do that then you are not able to grow as a bussiness unless you developed your IT system so that you could create a website.
  • If you develop your IT system then you may be able to reduce cost. Say you work in a manifacturing company and you develop your IT system you may be able to reduce the price of making the product which means there will be more profit for the company, and increasing profitability is yet another benifit from developing your IT system.
  • Also if a bussiness developed their IT system then they can get one big/central database for the whole company. This means that anyone can put information on to the database and everyone else can access it instead of that person going on to each database that needs the information and putting it on each on, this makes it quicker for people to access and gain information within the company. This also links with improved management information because people can access information easier.
  • If a comapny does develop their IT system then this means it will be better and quicker so more work can be done in less time than before, for example if it was an manifacturing company, then they will be able to create more of their product in less time so more work is done.


AS there may be many benifits there are also a few drawbacks to developing an IT system:

  • Developing a IT system are very expenive and if it is a small company who are thinking about developing their IT sytem they may not be abke to afford it.
  • Another problem is the impact developing the IT system will have on the procedures, because there will be distruption for the workers as they may not be able to access to their workstations meaning work may not be done.
  • Even though the developed IT system may make the company better, the new It system may be so high-tech that staff will need traning in how to work giving them more work ontop of what they already have whcih may increase their stress levels.
  • If you intergrated a new system on old machines it may not work as well as it could because generally there is a connection problem between the new systems and old machines causing the computer to either go slow or not work reducing the amount of work that could of been done.
  • Security may be a problem because it will yet again cost extra money to get and put in a secruity system so that everything is safe, including client details. This would all have to be moved over to the new systems and some client or company may be lost. You will also have to check the the security and the IT system meet the legal requiments like data protection and copy right laws.