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January 11, 2015

What's Going on in the PDC?

This week we have had lots of activity in the PDC. Ms. Getsinger and her students used Onslow View to connect with a 2nd grade class at Parkwood Elementary. The students are do a collaborative project on different countries. The end goal is to create a book that provides information on the countries, Great job Ms. Getsinger!!! Way to make real world connections.

Also, Mr. Cole is teaching social studies to all 7th graders in the PDC. He has roughly 55 students each period engaged and using their laptops. Mr. Cole wanted to ensure that all 7th graders were being taught the curriculum. He wanted to combine the classes! Thank you for looking out for our students. Feel free to stop by and see him in action!

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January 14 - Middle School Scheduling meeting (Childress and Jackson) County Office 3-5

January 20 - LOCKED IN Teacher workday - Please do not schedule any IEP/Parent Conferences. We will have our monthly staff meeting on this day.

January 20 - SLT meeting -

January 20 - Department Chair Meeting

Other Dates

January 12-13 - Childress @ Distinguished Leaders Program in Raleigh

January 15 - End of the Grading Period

January 15 - Thank Your Mentor Day!

January 18 - Holiday

January 19 - Non locked in workday

January 20 - Locked in teacher workday

January 20 - Grades due!

January 27 - Report Cards go Home

April 28 - 8th Grade dance

May 11-13 - 8th Grade field trip


January 14 - Basketball AWAY @ HCMS
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Quote of the Week

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