Take A Stand Against Tobacco

By Nyah R

Types of Tobacco

Stages Of Tobacco Addiction

Stage 1: Beginning tobacco users may remain abstinent

indefinitely without experiencing symptoms.

Stage 2: As physical dependence begins, the individual will

experience a mild desire to use tobacco anytime he/she goes too

long without using tobacco. This mild desire is short lived, easily

ignored, and does not intrude upon the person’s thoughts.

Stage 3: In stage 3, whenever the individual goes too long

without nicotine, he/she will experience the mild transient desire

to use tobacco followed by a stronger desire that intrudes upon

the person’s thoughts. This stronger desire is more persistent

and difficult to ignore.

Stage 4: When tobacco users in stage 4 forgo tobacco use for

too long they will experience the same symptoms as described

for stages 2 and 3 followed by an intense desire to use tobacco

that is urgent and impossible to ignore. The individual feels that

he/she needs to use tobacco in order to be able to feel and

function normally.


Causes of using Tobacco

Tobacco creates many consequences, it can cause;

  • Cancer
  • Disease
  • Harms the body
  • In general, reduces the health of the user
  • Death
  • Health risks


Media and Tobacco influences

When adults and even teens and children see smoking on TV or movies, they think it is "cool" because the shows "glamour-ise" it. Tobacco products are not often advertised anymore so it is now less of an issue in the media, but not peers. Peers and even parents or adults can influence the use of tobacco with peer pressure or just the sight of a friend doing something making you want to do the same.