Digital Citizenship

Hailee S. period 5

Digital Etiquette

Think about what you post before you post. What you post can hurt someone. When cause a fight what that is called is a flame off.

Information Privacy

Do not share any information that can get you in hurt. The can sell this information to anyone and they can do anything. Always read the fin print to see if they will give your information to just anyone.

Social Networking

do not give information to people you don't know. Only give out thing you want your parents to see. Make sure that they are not something that can get your parents mad at.

Online Safety

there are so many ways to be safe online.don't give out any personal information like your name age and email.when you don't know someone and they want to be friends with you it is a good idea not to follow him/her.


When you are getting bulled then you have to tell a parent. When you bully then you are hurting someone.Bullies can be doing it just make them happy.


You can steel any one paper then you are Plagiarism.if you use someones words but have to put him.


Only you have the thing to a male your art go public like a music video.You can get sued for copyright. If you made a movie and some one makes a book about it does not count as copyrighted work.