come to texas

Large Quantities of Land

If you move to Texas you will receive land easily and the land only cost 12.5 cents per acre.

-Every man would receive 640 acres

-His wife would receive 320 acres

-each child would receive 120 acres

- each slave would receive 80 acres

Why Coming To Texas Will Be The Best Decision

If you come to Texas the colonies that Stephen F. Austin allow any job because in this community every job is appreciated and coming here will give our kids a wholesome place to be raised for there is:

-no drunkards

-no gambling

-no protane swearing

-no idlers

what better place then to raise your kids in an safe and humble environment, and the Native American's became less of a threat.

The Agriculture

The colonies are know for the fertile soil because they are place between the Colorado River and the Brazos. The colony was an astonishing place, you had steady water supply form the rivers mild climate, and no other settlements.