North vs. South


  • The north's geography is different from the south. It has rivers and more of humid summer plains. During the cold months it is or can be very difficult. Because the rivers are frozen. It was also cheap to travel by water so that was probably more of a favorite.
  • Transportation in the north. The north had boats and trains, also wagons. People traveled by trains mostly because they could go to more places. Boats were probable used more for shipping.
  • Economy in the north. The north in the 1800's was free of slaves. But there are more of factory's and stuff probably because the had trains and boats for more access. To me I feel like the north was full of opportunity's more than the south.
  • Society in the north in the 1800's. The north was free from slaves. The north also had factorys. Boats would travel by the rivers and trains would travel by land to ship things.


  • Geography in the south 1800's. The south had more of swamps then the north. It was humid and hot a lot.
  • The society in the south 1800's. In the south, there were slaves. The slaves worked more in cotton fields. They're were boats on the river and not really a lot of trains.
  • Transportation in the South 1800's. There were boats and trains. Cotton is more transported by boat and train mostly. They also transported by wagons to.
  • Economy in the south 1800's . There was slaves owned by white people. There was plantation farms owned by white people the black people worked on.